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2.5 mi • 100 ft aeg
First hike with a new friend - the day was a bit of a comedy of errors, but we laughed alot and it was memorable.
First we had to turn around and go back to Rancho Sahuarita to pick up the hiking shoes that she forget in her truck when she hopped in mine - she didn't realize it until we were just a mile or two from our destination.
When we finally got there, the weather was perfect, the flowers still blooming and the creek in fine form. Parked at Whitehouse and hiked upstream ... a few other folks out enjoying the day, but not crowded. We enjoyed a casual stroll up the trail and when we crossed the big bridge at the Amphitheater area, we heard the first thunder ... walked down the road and by the time we got close to the lodge it was raining harder and harder - we were pretty well soaked when we dashed into the gift shop. Made the best of it by ordering up some coffees and browsing around the shop for about 20 minutes, then I obtained a plastic bag to wrap my camera in and we resumed the hike. It was interesting to see how just that short spurt of hard rain had turned the formerly crystal clear creek into muddy brown.
Drove Yuki out to the Elephant Head TH to check that out just for the heck of it.
Followed up by a pickleball lesson for me - I really enjoyed it, but even that was cut short by wind and lightning. More pounding rain - briefly - as I headed east on Sahuarita, plus quite a lightning show towards Tucson as I was driving. Monsoon 2022 doesn't want to end.
6.9 mi • 1,748 ft aeg
Josephine Saddle
This hike worked out perfectly. I really wasn't sure where we were going to go so I decided to wait until We hit Josephine Saddle. There was no one at the saddle so we took a little lunch break and I decided to head down the Super Trail.

We never saw anyone until the last 1/4 mile. It was a young couple who said they were going to Mount Wrightson. Now, this was just before 1 pm and it was cloudy with thunder. Soon as we made it to the trash cans at the trailhead it started sprinkling. But by the time we made it back to the car, it was raining hard. I'm sure that young couple turned around.
I was really surprised not to see anyone else on the trail.
10.4 mi • 4,043 ft aeg
Definitely felt like fall for this. Browning continues, and the abundant yellow flowers are finishing up.

Additional heavy rain has wet the mountain again and things which had started to dry out are running with water again.

Copious bear scat all over the upper trail, and on the last bit of the Super Trail a woman was yelling, "go away bear" for at least 10 minutes, while standing in one spot. I never saw the bear, but he is active in the area for sure.

Very quiet with no almost no one else out, and as such it was peaceful. There was some species of hawk screech or serenading me, for the first hour of my hike down off the summit.

The creek continues to flow heavily near the trailhead, and some of last weeks storms were heavy enough that the road was briefly covered with a debris flow.
8.4 mi • 1,939 ft aeg
McBeth Spring
Well, a nice peaceful Monday morning in the canyon. Not too many people out and the weather was great. It's been a while since I have been to McBeth Spring and it was kind of disappointing. This is the first time I have seen all the ferns brown and dead.

On our way back I ran into Hunter at Josephine Saddle. So we decided to hike down the Super trail with a side trip down Fern Valley so Hunter could jump in the water. Hunter loves being in the water more than any dog I have ever met and really enjoyed myself watching him.
7.59 mi • 2,046 ft aeg
Carrie Nation Mine
Just a very beautiful morning for this hike as the temps started in the 60s. We never saw anyone until we reached Josephine Saddle. The guy met there I had met before on the nature trail. He did show me a video of a Mountain Lion wandering around Josephine Saddle very interesting video.

Other than that we had the trails all to ourselves until we reached the trailhead parking lot where there was a lot of Tucson Police on motorcycles. A few of them had to say hi to Rowdy and then they were gone. Other than that nothing really exciting. Just a very pleasant hike with great weather.
13.08 mi • 4,057 ft aeg
linda suggested one of my favorite sky island hikes
good weather window for it
got going around 0630
took the super trail all the way up
i hadn't gone up the part above josephine saddle
very windy at baldy saddle
we took a short break in a low spot nearby
thought the part above baldy saddle would be windy, but it wasn't bad at all until the summit
another short break and returned via old baldy
lots of wildflowers on the upper part
cool clouds zooming by just above the peak
saw just a few people until heading down, then traffic picked up
madera canyon was packed on the drive out
nice hiking with linda again - thanks!
13.08 mi • 4,057 ft aeg
Got a fairly early start due to leaving Ahwatukee at 0430. Headed up Super Trail with plenty of shade. Nice to see flowing water. Mostly sheltered from the wind. Saw several people hiking downhill, I’m thinking they were mostly birdwatching.
Camino Campana Trail
Camino Campana Trail

After debating for a few minutes, Kelly and I opted to stay on Super Trail all the way up to Baldy Saddle. The moderate grade is pleasant for the long uphill. One short section of overgrown brush on the east side of Wrightson, but not too scratchy. Very windy at Baldy Saddle, where we took a short break before continuing up to the saddle. The wind at the saddle was strong for only a few minutes, then died down before becoming breezy at the summit. Warm temps though, it was not cold, even with the breeze. Nobody else at the summit, which was nice.

After another break at the summit, we made a beeline down Old Baldy trail all the way back to the trailhead. Rather warm at the finish. Saw quite a few hikers on our way downhill. Always great to hike with Kelly, and a nice day on Wrightson.

Lots of flowers from the monsoon rains.
10.4 mi • 4,043 ft aeg
Not a typical day on the mountain. Overcast to start and 40+ MPH winds to greet us at the Baldy Saddle that stuck with us all the way to the summit and back. Hiking in a cloud, so we could see about 50 feet in any direction from the top.

Other than that fairly uneventful. Bumped into another friend out on the trail that had just spooked a bear near Baldy Saddle. Didn't know who they were, but found out later that we passed by a couple from Green Valley that was doing their 602nd trip to Mt Wrightson.
10.4 mi • 4,043 ft aeg
Hiked this classic workout hike with Jim and James. Probably my fastest time of all today. There wasn't any water flowing out of the pipe at Bellows Spring, but I was able to filter some water out of the stream directly below the trail. It was very windy at Baldy saddle, at the peak, and for the upper 0.5 miles of trail. We thought it felt like high 40s or low 50s at the top. We didn't stay on the peak for very long because of the wind. We saw a small rattlesnake 5 feet off the side of the trail coming down probably about 15 minutes from Josephine saddle. It was sliding back to a hole that was about 6 to 8 feet away from the trail. We saw at least 15-20 other hikers all day. It was busier because it was a weekend.
3.25 mi • 973 ft aeg
Couple of short hikes, before and after my massage ... a treat I will not be skipping on any of my future visits! 😁

Amphitheater area to lodge and back, and Whitehouse down to Proctor area and back - did not check Proctor waterfall, or my favorite hidden falls since I figured access would be tricky with the high water.

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