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The Best Hikes in Strawberry Crater Wilderness

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2.3 mi • 200 ft aeg
It is a nice hike to the top of a volcano. It is not too hard of a hike, I took my children with me who are 4 and 2 and also my pregnant wife made it. The hardest part of the hike was the soft gravel, but besides that it is a great hike. It does not look like very many people get out to see this volcano, it takes some time to drive out to it.
3 mi • 0 ft aeg
Strawberry Crater is an extinct volcano located 26 miles north of Flagstaff on 89N. Take the first right onto FR546 just past mile marker 434. This road is okay for a car, but has some patches of rocks that a low car might not be able to clear. After about 4 miles, at the junction of FR779, go straight (this becomes 779). Go about 2 miles to the power lines and you will see the parking lot for Strawberry Crater/Strawberry Crater Wilderness. Follow the trail to the base of the volcano. The left fork takes you around the volcano to the east side where the blowout occurred. The right fork winds around to the western rim. The trails are black cinders. There are ruins located on the north rim, but no trail to get to them. Bouldering up the cinder slope is the only way to get to them. There is a crack in the rim in the northeast inside of the crater that will get you there. The ruins are stacked malpais boulders. Getting down can be treacherous with loose cinders and larger rocks that slide with each step. The views are fantastic from the top of the San Francisco Peaks, the lava fields and the Pained Desert to the north.

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