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The Best Hikes in Coronado National Forest

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11.76 mi • 2,289 ft aeg
First time in the Galiuros. Left Phoenix later than planned, and Google Maps took us to the wrong spot, so we arrived at the trailhead around noon.

1st mile: Flat terrain. Creek had light-moderate flow. Fall colors were sporadic, but very bright and intense. All the colors were represented.

2nd mile: Flat. Creek had light flow, then became dry. Fall colors rare, almost absent during this stretch. It was beautiful and green, but only green.

3rd mile: Minimal ascent. Creek dry. Fall colors everywhere, just off the trail. We took numerous detours off trail to explore and take pics of the delightful fall colors.

4th mile: Mild, steady ascent. Fall colors EVERYWHERE, completely enveloping the trail. This stretch was an absolute wonderland of fall colors, and we were super impressed.

5th mile: No fall colors. Moderate ascent with many switchbacks and nice views of the canyon.

6th mile: Ridgeline. No fall colors. Mostly flat and easy, with occasional manzanita clusters crowding the trail, with sick views of the canyons on both sides. We jogged most of this because we were running out of time.

We stopped just short of the switchbacks to the peak because we had run out of time. We had spent hours enjoying the fall colors, and had to get back to real life, so we didn't reach the peak. Next time.

What an excellent day. Temperature was perfect (60s-70s). Sky was perfect. The fall colors were sporadic in the first mile, and almost absent in the second mile, while the 3rd and 4th miles more than made up for it, with ubiquitous color. The entire area was beautiful regardless of whether the leaves were green, yellow, orange, pink, or red. The views of the canyon from the ridgeline were magnificent. This is one of my favorite hikes now, and will definitely be back.
5.95 mi • 2,513 ft aeg
Started this hike with Brian and Jim around 10:30 AM. The trail was very well maintained and quite pleasant. We saw some small patches of snow on the way up on the North side of the mountain. Within 10 feet of the trail junction heading up to Carr peak, I saw a 1 foot long small rattlesnake that appeared to be speckled. When I got my phone out to take a pic, it already moved under a fallen tree and disappeared. We didn't see it on the way down and we were a bit surprised to see a rattler at this high elevation. The Eastern side of the peak was just gravelly without any trees or bushes which allowed for some good pics of Sierra Vista down below. The Western side of the peak had some brush. We didn't see a registry up here and figured once didn't exist because of the popularity of this peak. After this peak, we continued on toward Granite peak which was roughly 2 miles to the West.

AEG for both Carr and Granite combined = 3,113 feet
11.1 mi • 3,100 ft aeg
Mike, Brian and myself had planned on a trip to the Hauchucas for several peaks in June before California, but the active Monsoon canceled that and continued to do so well into August and September. With Brian back from Montana, we were finally able to come down here with great weather and conditions for an enjoyable day up 2 of the 4 planned peaks. From Ramsey Vista we hiked Carr and Granite Peak, which is off the Crest Trail just above Bear Saddle.

Pretty mild for most of the day, so that was really nice. Visibility was also about as good as it gets. Mike saw what was likely another speckled rattle snake at the junction to Carr Peak. The snow didn't hinder travel, and while Carr was crowded at times, I still would return to hike Miller from Ramsey Vista, or Pat Scott and Ramsey.

Most people probably won't bother with Granite. I was surprised that Dixie Flyer didn't appear to have bagged it. It wasn't bad at all, but it doesn't impress you. Some of the summits over the Crest Trail or near Carr seemed more impressive. Me, I just like a good view.

The road to the TH is rough, I wouldn't want to take a Honda Civic on it, but an Outback or better would be okay. It is rocky after the summer. A truck won't mind it.
12.2 mi • 2,500 ft aeg
Camped overnight next to ranch house with 13 RVs! About 36F. Sunday the plan was to hike to the peak. Going in counted 16 truck/tent campers. After that didn’t see anyone til the saddle! Fall colors have just started with most of it still at the higher elevations. Creek is virtually dry after the first mile. Trail is in great shape even through the bit of manzanita at the top. Only made it to the saddle so can’t speak to the peak. Still one of the best hikes in AZ in my opinion.

Some color change by the trailhead. Much more at higher elevations.
9.37 mi • 1,688 ft aeg
Bear Wallow
I got invited to this hike and it was really nice just a bit cold at the start. quite a few people out but then again it was Sunday.
I really enjoyed seeing so many happy dogs out on the trail with no one complaining.
I was hoping to see some wildlife besides the ones we seen in the parking lot. Really no flowers or even brds out today but it was still awesome to be out here.
5.73 mi • 1,790 ft aeg
How a popular well known Southern Arizona Trail can end mid mountain in an erased vanished tree and brush fallen state is beyond me. My 2 wheel drive jeep made it to the Frye Mesa Trailhead. I set out on a beautiful Fall Saturday at 8 AM. The mountain, the absolutely roaring stream, the fall colors did not disappoint!
You arrive at an old sign for Frye Trail at about 2 3/4 miles. See photos. You still have 1/4 mile to the Round the Mountain "T" -the end of Frye Canyon Trail. But the problem is there is no more trail. You look all around and you see nothing-except cat claw,and, scattered fallen trees. You've hit the multi Mount Graham wall. I bushwhacked to the spot where Frye C Trail hits RTM, but no cross trail was found. No trails at all were found. Wow, it would be a blessing if those who know how to restore trails did so for the special Round The Mountain, which I really like as it runs right into the heart of the mountain. Have any local hikers found the T connection and used it in either direction? Still a good 6 mile, 1800 elevation gain Saturday.

Many beautiful bright yellows,some reds, scattered snow after 6500 feet.
7.5 mi • 1,400 ft aeg
Can't believe Me & Addie have never been on the Bear Canyon or Shake trail together.
Well we changed that today.
Started with lower Bear Canyon and climbed it up 2 miles to one of the awesome overlooks.
Heading back down we stirred up some Yellow Jackets and Addie took 2 hits to the neck and stomach.
Damn ... that hurts! I felt so bad for her :(
We then headed a mile down the road and hiked up the Shake Trail to Shake Spring then back.
That's some awesome scenery out there on the back side of Graham.
Cloud cover most of the day with temps still a tad warm for me.
Wildlife spotted, just lots of cattle.
Wildlife felt, 2 Yellow Jackets :x
Always a good time spent outdoors with my (screamin' & cussin') buddy!
12 mi • 2,880 ft aeg
linda's fall plans included a bassett peak hike
i had not been to the galiuros before, so of course i was in
we got to the trailhead around 0830 and set off up ash creek
first few miles followed ash creek through the woods
pockets of maple color mixed in with arizona white oak and random ponderosa
a few aspen where the trail turned to head up to the ridgeline
great views of surrounding mountain ranges, interesting rock formations and bits of color in the creek
overall good trail with a few narrow scree sections and some brushy areas
we took a break at the summit and enjoyed perfect temps, no wind and beautiful scenery
the return went quickly with good conversation
while not prime color, enough to entertain
would like to explore more of this range
bassett was a great peak
love the sky island terrain, even the grasslands
thanks for planning and driving linda
good to hike with joe again too
splitting the difference between joe's and linda's stats
11.52 mi • 2,860 ft aeg
Got started with Joe and Kelly around 0830. Cool temps and no breeze, but amazingly the three of us were in agreement that the weather felt nice.

Easy hiking for the first three miles or so. Trail was a little vague in places, but we stayed on track. Minimal fall color, but the little we did get was still nice. Apparently, the area is an Arizona white oak (or something like that) wonderland, and we all took pictures of the glory.

Once we passed the promised aspen grove, the trail turned and headed more steeply uphill, away from the creek. Kind of like a whole new hike—scrubby vegetation, steep rocky trail, neat rock formations. Walking up along the ridge was my favorite, with great views in all directions.

The switchbacks near the top had a few loose, narrow sections to grab your attention. And the final push to the summit was easier than anticipated. Took a nice snack break at the top, then headed back down. I took a more southerly route back down, I called it the stupid route, the peanut gallery questioned my directional abilities, but we still popped out on the trail in one piece.

Fairly easy hike back down. Trail was still vague in a few places. But the miles ticked by quickly. Only saw three other people, not far from the finish. Good to hike with Joe and Kelly again.

The road in is high clearance for the last mile or so, especially past the gate. There are places to park before the road gets bad.

Color is mostly just starting
10.4 mi • 4,043 ft aeg
Ah, much better. Not the clear blue skies of yesterday, but a great summit and a really good trail. Clearly my favorite hike in SE AZ. Getting cold up here, and this was the first time my zip off pants went from shorts to pants, and never went back to pants, this fall.

It was very still and quiet on the summit, and for much of the hike. Very few birds. I spent some quality time with an Aussie on the summit, which I always enjoy. The dog breed, to be clear. Autumn is wrapping up here, perhaps most trees will be leafless in a week depending on the storm.

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