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The Best Hikes in Muddy Mountains Wilderness

9 Triplog Reviews in the Muddy Mountains Wilderness
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8.82 mi • 1,386 ft aeg
Went for another little exploratory hike in this interesting area.
A deep sandstone canyon caught my eye, so I decided it was the day's goal. Turned out to be a fun canyon with some boulder-hopping and scrambling. The sandstone walls were pockmarked with caves and windows, in all possible combinations of red, orange, and white. My hike ended at a 30+ foot fall with a pool of water in the bedrock below and sheer walls on each side. No way up that!

The bighorns had definitely been coming to the pool to drink, and if you were very quiet and patient, there was a cave to sit where they wouldn't see you until the last second. It was rather warm today, so I enjoyed a snack break in the shade, and then headed back. On the return hike, I saw my second bighorn of the year. Hopefully a good sign for a good bighorn year to come! :D
8.8 mi • 1,417 ft aeg
After our weather related bail-out on this hike last weekend, we returned with sunny skies. We saw absolutely no people until returning to the parking area post-hike.
Some spots have use trails one might follow, and other areas are a bit more adventurous with just you and a map. Initially, you start out along a ridge-line from where you can see a mere hint of sandstone. Dropping down into Bitter Spring Valley, you head for a small volcanic knob via a series of gypsum-rich washes. More wash action soon leads around a more major peak and into the Bowl of Fire. This is a place most people could easily wander for hours. Then, down your choice of steep sandstone canyons with boulder jams and bridging over stinky pools. Pretty much a perfect day.
We both loved the area and will be back again soon. Arches, caves, hoodoos, red sandstone, and canyon adventures galore! We selected the canyon less traveled for sure, but that only increased the fun.

Will have to add a good description of this hike/area after I have a few more visits under my belt.
5.44 mi • 890 ft aeg
Although the weather was very unsettled, we decided to get some hiking in anyway.
The wind and threatening clouds turned us back sooner than planned, but we ended up with a small taste of what the area has to offer - very interesting geology, resulting in some unusual plant habitat to make me happy. With the weather, there wasn't much out except a raven, who kept an eye on us as we made several poor decisions regarding staying in the wash versus climbing out - never were in danger, though, so it's all an adventure.
On our way back, we found fresh beds where 4 bighorns had spent the night right on the ridge. 8)

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