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South Fortuna Mountain Trail - 1 member in 4 triplogs has rated this an average 2 ( 1 to 5 best )
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Aug 12 2018

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 Tempe, AZ
Mission Trails loop, CA 
Mission Trails loop, CA
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Hiking8.73 Miles 1,979 AEG
Hiking8.73 Miles   2 Hrs   49 Mns   3.12 mph
1,979 ft AEG      1 Min Break
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Called on to puppysit, I had to mix it up with some offset to the lazy, eating, drinking weekend that was otherwise pretty perfect!

Having done Cowles before I opted to explore some more of Mission Trails. I prefer the singletrack over the old roads.

Visitor Center Loop :next: San Diego River Crossing Trail :next: Rim Trail :next: Shepherd Ridge Trail :next: North Fortuna Trail :next: South Fortuna Trail :next: Suycott Valley Trail :next: SD River Xing :next: Visitor Center Loop

The Shepherd and North Fortuna were nicest. The Fortuna Saddle area is meh, and the South Fortuna trail is great, but super steep. Climbing it would be solid! I had considered a loop with Father Junipero Serra but when I realized it's just a 2.5 mile paved road walk, I wisely voted against it. (It was a nice drive on my way out of the park! Much better that way!)

I'd like to do the climbers loop sometime for quick elevation gain and to check out some of the routes up there. It kept drawing my eye as it could be seen from many other spots on my hike. It's only a mile and I'd considered doing it after my big loop but the sun had burned off the clouds and the humidity was now turning into a hot I didn't want to deal with away from the beach! So I called it a day.
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Sep 09 2017

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South Fortuna Mountain TrailSan Diego, CA
San Diego, CA
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Hiking6.61 Miles 1,506 AEG
Hiking6.61 Miles   2 Hrs   45 Mns   2.40 mph
1,506 ft AEG
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Some folks hike South Fortuna Mountain from the Clairemont Mesa Blvd. trailhead, but I started from the Mission Trails Regional Park visitor center on Father Junipero Serra Trail, as recommended by the San Diego Reader ( ... oam/ ).

If you are properly hydrating during your hike, both respecting the stay-on-trail signs and your pants could become an issue. Even if your sense of dignity overwhelms that of your civic virtue, probable embarassment and / or subsequent ‘public urination’ charges, will convince you to ‘tie a knot in it’ instead.

Very, very few flowers on the South Fortuna Mountain Loop. At least any flowers with color other than brown. Wild buckwheat, was everywhere though. (If wild buckwheat has colorful flowers, I’ve never seen them: They’ve always been brown for me.) This hike’s #flowerpr0n is definitely rated G!

The Suycot Valley Trail is shared with mountain bikers, so keep the eyes in the back of your head open for anyone blasting downhill. I only passed guys pushing their MTBs uphill.

On the Stairway to Heaven, there are several times you may need to use three points of contact to get up a small boulder. At least this fat man did.

At the false summit, the boulder shields you from view of the South Fortuna Trail, so I took advantage of the opportunity to take a leak. Hopefully, none of the ants below, in Mission Gorge, had binoculars. :D

On the true summit, I spent a few minutes enjoying the view, despite downtown and the Pacific being obscured by coastal haze. I did not actually consume my summit brew because I was still sweating out all the beer I drank on Harbor Island the night before. :sweat:

I headed north off the summit, to the powerlines in the saddle between South Fortuna and North Fortuna. Due to time constraints (grandnephew's 1st birthday in La Jolla at 2:00 p.m.), and much higher than anticipated temperatures, I completely skipped North Fortuna.

Despite the powerline jeep trail being steep & slippery, I managed to haul donkey without slipping.

Heading to the well-shaded picnic area, the segment was obviously much more popular with mountain bikes than hikers, but I encountered no MTBs. I was actually kind of bummed, because the whoops would have made for some good action shots.

I took a break at the picnic area, listening to a Boy Scout leader identify the California Live Oak, checking twitter, and drinking more water.

Not much else to report after that, unless you want to see cute baby pictures. 8-[

Hike Video: [ youtube video ]
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation None
Almost none, unless you call browned out Wild Buckwheat a "flower".
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Dec 07 2014

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South Fortuna Mountain TrailSan Diego, CA
San Diego, CA
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Hiking8.02 Miles 1,400 AEG
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1,400 ft AEG      45 Mns Break
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MTRP has a lot of great sub-urban trails. Climbing to the saddle between the North and South Fortuna Peaks can be done in many ways. On this particular day I started at the equestrian center near the 52 and Mast. I eventually made way to the Oak Canyon trail, which leads to the Fortuna Saddle Trail. This eastern approach provides two different trails - both a good workout. It was a relief to get to the saddle, which was a little under 3 miles from start. Its another .5 mile to the summit and another .5 to the end of the trail. I hope to do North Fortuna soon.
Dec 11 2013

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North Fortuna Mountain TrailSan Diego, CA
San Diego, CA
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Hiking6.64 Miles 1,583 AEG
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This was a bit of a journey, as well as a hike, since it was with my old pal, Ray. I'm out of shape, and he's not. So it took forever, and we chatted the whole time. Had a great time! I am getting back in shape, but after 6 months of nearly no exercise, it seems to be taking a while. He recommended Vitamin C, so I took some as soon as I got home.

This is in the Mission Trails Regional Park, city of San Diego. We started with the South Fortuna loop and then down to a saddle and then up to North Fortuna. They are listed as separate hikes, but seemed to me to be all one hike, although there are many options for looping.

We could see the usual--ocean, islands in Mexico, lots of peaks and trails, and miles and miles of cityscape. But there are always the mountains, and Ray agrees with me, it's WAY less smoggy there than it used to be.

This was also the first time since moving back here that I had ventured south to the city of San Diego. I sure would not want to live down there. Way too busy for me. I had to take Interstate 15 to get there which was at least 7 lanes wide at some points. Sheesh. I had fun but was glad to get back to Valley Center. Nice and quiet up here in the avocado groves.
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Cowles Mountain Mission Gorge
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