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Jun 07 2020

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Slide Canyon Trail #58Northwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
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This hike started with a very happy accident. My hiking partner had some pretty serious blisters and didn't want to hike the 18+ miles down & out Slide. We were looking for a way to still hike it but shorten the distance for him. A trail was showing on my map for Horse Canyon, a canyon that looked like it connected with Slide Canyon about halfway through (significantly shortening the total distance), so we decided to check it out. Horse canyon is GORGEOUS. Massive pinnacles greet you immediately. The views in every direction are breathtaking. There are two large waterfall areas in Horse (not flowing while we were there) that would be great for rappelling. There is also a spring apparently. We did not find water but there were plenty of areas of thick vegetation. We actually didn't go looking for water though and it would probably be easy to find if we went down to the thick vegetation. The trail mostly stays up high and dips down to cross the streambed numerous times.

We connected with Slide Canyon after about 1.5-2 miles. The views throughout Slide are stunning. It is a beautiful canyon that unfortunately shows the effects of overgrazing. This time of year those evil grasses that dig their seeds into shoes, socks,...your soul, were everywhere. The streambed was covered in the evil grasses and so was any upper trail. Horse Canyon connects to Slide downstream of Slide Spring so we didn't see any water sources in the part of Slide Canyon we hiked. We came upon an old cabin about 0.5 mi upstream of Kanab Creek. It was the first place we saw that was campable (given the evil grasses everywhere). We cleared a spot to set up our tents using the tools inside the cabin. Walked down to Kanab to filter water but the vegetation was so thick that we actually couldn't go any further. It sounded like a lot of flowing water but we couldn't see it and couldn't find a way to access. Luckily, there were collapsible jugs in the cabin and we filled just what we needed from that. Thank you to whoever brings the water there! It was a hot day and we had drank almost all our water anticipating refilling at Kanab Creek. Lovely place to camp.

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