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Jun 02 2021

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 Phoenix, AZ
Snowshed - Paint Rock Loop, AZ 
Snowshed - Paint Rock Loop, AZ
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A friend and I needed to get away. Hadn't made a trip down to the Chiricahuas this spring yet, so off we went. Wanted to repeat a loop from last year from Turkey Creek, but with lightning in the forecast around 11am, and since I've never been East of the Crest, we drove down through Portal with dive-bombing birds and neurotic jackrabbits flashing through the high beams trying to make sunrise. Figured this loop would be shorter, but I'm not sure it was. My friend lounged around Herb Martyr CG where she enjoyed the sights, sounds, and smells of the wilderness while I disappeared for 7 hours and offered my body to it as a sacrifice. Went clockwise.

Herb Martyr Trail in superb shape. Sunrise views of Sanders Peak that nearly dropped me dead. A mile from the top took a break to catch my breath and heard footsteps out in the brush north of the trail. Bid hello from below, half dozen more slow steps and silence. Kept going, and didn't see anything. Trail climbs into a patch of old growth conifers near the jct and Pine Park. Really pretty area, and the last trees until Snowshed Peak.

Snowshed trail to saddle and up. Went straight up and bumped into a decent trail that climbs the ridge. Followed it most of the way down. It's often overgrown or covered over with deadfall, but it beats wading through the aspen. Summit views okay, but the forest of fir and pine on the summit/ridge is worth the diversion. Back to snowshed and took that around Aspen Peak. My favorite views in the range are probably looking across Rucker Canyon to Paint Rock, Raspberry Peak, and Monte Vista. Long time to admire from the Snowshed/Crest jct to Chiricahua Saddle. Trails in good condition to that point, although the end of Snowshed near Crest is soon to disappear in the ferns.

Short out and back under stormy clouds up Paint Rock. Probably my favorite summit in the range I've been on and the worst place to be with a chance of lightning. Fun climb up to the summit, but the views were a little hazy. Back to Chiricahua Saddle with a short break under the trees. Brilliant forest around Chiricahua peak. In the burn areas where the fir and pines are gone aspens are growing in. Decent trade off. Around the peak with huge views north toward Graham, Dos Cabezas, etc.

Got to Cima Park and headed down Greenhouse. Wanted to be there before 11, got there at 10:30. 10:50 heard the first thunder and was happy to be off the crest of the mountains. Greenhouse was my favorite new trail of the day, old growth forest and big views toward Silver Peak and Portal lower down. Wound back around with Basin Trail. Good road walk between the trails. Basin had unexpectedly good views. Cut down to the TH with Ash Spring Trail through some of the tallest junipers and sycamores I've ever seen. Didn't see anyone on the hike, 60s just about the whole time.
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Sep 16 2020

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Basin Trail Loop, AZ 
Basin Trail Loop, AZ
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I am back in Arizona and decided to get in a hike or two in the Chiricahua Mountains. It is nice to be on a hike that has some elevation change. I thought I would start out with an easy fairly level hike to get back in shape so I chose the Basin Trail. Since it is a long drive here and the last 24 miles to Portal is a winding dirt road I made a two day trip out of this. The weather was in the low 80's but in the sun it was a bit hot.

I started the hike on the north end of the Basin Trail along FR42 at the signed trail head. The trail immediately starts a climb of about 500 feet to cross over into Greenhouse Canyon. In this area it is mainly oak juniper forest. Just over the crest the trail comes across Welch Seep, about 100 yards off trail. There was no water but from the green grasses it must be damp. The trail all the way to Greenhouse Creek is in good condition. There are mediocre views from this trail of Winn Falls in Cima Creek. Greenhouse creek had spotty water. From Greenhouse Creek the trail follows FR713 for about .7 miles where it exits the road and becomes a trail again as it heads toward Ash Spring and then continues on to the Herb Martyr Trail. about 5.1 miles total. Ash Spring and Cave creek both had water. I returned along the Herb Martyr Trail to the campground and then took the Ash Spring Trail back up to the Basin Trail and returned along the Basin Trail. I am considering this trail from FR 42 to the Herb Martyr Trail as the Basin Trail #600. Seems like a logical division of the trail and the signs seem to indicate this. The forest service web site has some different break down of the Greenhouse Canyon Trail, Ash Spring Trail and the Basin Trail. What's in a name as long as you get where you want to go.

Saw lots of white tail deer and they were quite unafraid of humans. Other than birds no other wildlife. I only saw one person the whole day and they were at the Herb Martyr Campground, bird watchers I think. The air was hazy/dusty/Smokey so the views weren't spectacular as they usually are here. I was planning for tomorrow to hike up the Herb Martyr to the Snowshed Trail then up to the crest and return on the Greenhouse Trail but with heat I experienced today I decided I better put that off for another trip (darn it means I will be forced to come up here again). I stayed the night in the Portal Peak Lodge and had dinner there and planned what tomorrows hike would be.
Apr 05 2008

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Ash Spring Trail #247ATucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
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triplog: Ash Spring Trail (#247A), April 5 2008

Trail Head, Herb Martyr lower parking lot, 31.87255, 109.23475, 5832 feet

I started this 2-mile loop late in the day after working on and walking the Basin Trail. It was another perfect day and the slanting light made it all the better. I walked it in the reverse direction, first to FR713 to the trail intersection; the trail contours south to the spring and old homestead (check out the old apple tree - still has a few flowers). This first half is all in live oaks and pinyons with some junipers, yucca and a few century plants. Past the spring, the trail enters the valley with Cima Creek. Just past the gate near the spring, keep an eye out for the best pine drops I've seen in the Chiricahuas. This is also birding country.

Back to the parking lot in less than an hour, with after cutting out a good-sized silver leaf oak near the junction with the Herb Martyr Trail (#247).
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