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May 29 2022

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 Fountain Hills,
Eight Dollar Squaw, OR 
Eight Dollar Squaw, OR
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Hiking7.82 Miles 2,695 AEG
Hiking7.82 Miles
2,695 ft AEG
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For my first ever hikes in Oregon I decided to bag 2 P2K Peaks:
1) Eight Dollar Mountain (elevation of 4,000 feet and prominence of 2,520 feet)
2) Squaw Mountain (elevation of 4,680 feet and prominence of 2,080 feet)

After hiking 8$, I hiked on the Eight Dollar Mountain Boardwalk Trail, since I had parked next to this trail.

Eight Dollar Mountain
This one was on a service road for the communication towers at the summit. This reminded me of hiking on the FR27 segment of the hike up to Mount Ord -- the elevation gain is about the same, although this is shorter than FR27 and this road is in much better shape. It is a steady climb all the way. Views at the summit are limited because there are a good many trees blocking your views, but there are some nice vistas to enjoy while going up and down the road.

Squaw Mountain
This peak with the politically incorrect name is about 10 miles away from 8$. There is a decent road to the top and amazingly google maps knows the way there. This isn't much of a hike: it reminded me of hiking to the Greenlee County highpoint, except that this is easier. I walked most of the way on an old logging road, although there was a bit of off-trail to get to the summit. There were lots of trees on top, so views were limited.

Big Dollar Mountain Boardwalk Trail
Since I parked at the TH for this trail, after hiking 8$ I did this short nature walk. There were lots of western azaleas blooming along the walk, so I was glad that I did this one.

Distance and elevation gain for the 3 hikes are below. Stats above are the sum of the 3.

Eight Dollar Mountain: 6.82 miles with an AEG of 2,554 feet
Squaw Mountain: 0.76 miles with and AEG of 131 feet
Eight Dollar Boardwalk: 0.25 miles with an AEG of 10 feet

Eight Dollar Mountain is a good workout hike, and if I lived in the area I might do it occasionally. There is no reason to hike to Squaw Mountain unless you are bagging peaks.
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Isolated
There are a few wildflowers at lower elevations, close to the TH. It is still early in this area for wildflowers, so things might pick up over the next month.
May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. -- Edward Abbey
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