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Jul 05 2021

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 Tucson, Arizona
Pump House Trails 5661H Q, NM 
Pump House Trails 5661H Q, NM
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Ginny and I have been in separate cities the last month so we decided to meet half way in Cloudcroft for a few days. New Mexico is definitely in the monsoon business, with over 6 inches of rain in July. Everything was really green and muddy. We both arrived at the cabin around noon and after a brief thunderstorm we headed up to Pumphouse Ridge and hiked two trails around sunset. Trail 5661 H and Q are short trails that follow along what looks like a two track but is actually old logging rails. The rails are gone but the bed still remains. These are short trails and ideal for an after dinner jaunt to work off a little of the BBQ ribs you had for dinner. This area was logged some years ago but it is hard to tell as you walk through the forest but on Google Earth you can see a pattern to the forest where they left trees standing or replanted new trees. While we did this hike around sunset the views are not very good because of the trees. We started out on 5661H and then hit 5661Q which is about .1 miles away. Needless to say we saw lots of elk.
average hiking speed 2.52 mph

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