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Dec 22 2012

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Lucius Pond Ordway / Devil's Den PreserveFairfield, CT
Fairfield, CT
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After my Thursday introduction to Devil's Den, I returned Saturday after a rain-filled Friday.

It was about 34, and there were scattered snow showers as I got going. I had set a goal of getting a GPS track on the remainder of the trails in the preserve that I had not hit on Thursday, hoping to get them uploaded into a Mapped Area in HAZ. My rough estimate was about 9 miles, but it turned out to be almost two more. I did have to back track on a couple of trails to meet my requirements, which was a little bit of a pain.

But it was a nice day and I got to see some cool old sawmill relics. I also really enjoyed the Hiltebeitel Trail, which runs along a rocky ridgeline and was by far the most interesting of all the trails in the preserve.

Ultimately, I got to all the trails and felt a good sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I spent more time getting all the data into HAZ than I actually spent hiking it! I do hope somebody else uses it sometime (Bob, Alex? I'm looking at you!)
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