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Peak 2901 - Picketpost Mtn Quad - 3 members in 3 triplogs have rated this an average 2 ( 1 to 5 best )
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Mar 05 2016

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 Apache Junction,
Peak 2901 - Picketpost Mtn QuadGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
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rtaylor3235Triplogs 204
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To get to the trailhead head down 60 east towards Globe, Make a U-turn on 60 at the Picket Post Exit. There is a dirt road and gate (Locked) directly at mile marker 220 (this is not it), go just a little farther to the second dirt road & gate, go thru the gate (close it behind you)and park off to the side, Note: Peak 2901 is directly in front of you when you are facing the gate going in. There is a gentle slope directly across from the gate, as you head down that slope head for the wash in front of you (turn left when you hit that wash, follow it until you hit a wash heading off to your right (we put a cairn there). You'll notice that you are heading up to a saddle that is to the left of Peak 2901. Work your way up to that saddle and then follow the ridge up to Peak 2901, there is a container with log inside concealed in the rock pile at the top. When you leave, you can follow the ridge back down to the saddle and then head up to the peak on the other side, work your way over that and follow a faint use trail back to the inner road, you can walk the road back to your vehicle. This is considered a bushwhack, but I consider it an easy one, watch for snakes in the warmer months. Fun, short, hike.
Note: the GPS coordinates given indicate they are for the summit, but we found them to be for the parking area?
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Mar 05 2016

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Peak 2901 - Picketpost Mtn QuadGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
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Nice short Hike, gave us an idea of the area and for other hikes in the area. Rick gave a good account getting to the TH, and route up. Instead of coming back the same way we went up we decided to make a Lasso Loop and used some nice use trails back to the old road and back to the Jeep
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Really need some rain to open the Poppies up
Dec 26 2012

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 Mesa, AZ
Peak 2901 - Picketpost Mtn QuadGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
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CannondaleKidTriplogs 2,280
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For the third peak today I took a roundabout way up and down along a ridge on the way to the summit then returned by a more direct route, which is what the default stats will reflect if you follow the direct route both ways.
average hiking speed 1.81 mph

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