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Nov 01 2016

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Pikes Peak via Sentinel Point, CO 
Pikes Peak via Sentinel Point, CO
Hiking avatar Nov 01 2016
sneakySASQUATCHTriplogs 949
Hiking16.46 Miles 6,222 AEG
Hiking16.46 Miles   9 Hrs   9 Mns   1.87 mph
6,222 ft AEG      22 Mns Break
1st trip
Planned this hike last week, but didn't have enough time and did the Crags instead. This hike is mostly offtrail starting at Horsethief falls trailhead. I skipped sentinel point until the return since I had to traverse part way up Sentinel point to make the loop. I ran into two campers on the ring to peak in the am and two people summiting behind me from the Crags with their dogs. There wasn't even 15 people in the shop up top. I planned to take a ridgeline to the Crags trail, but realized it wouldn't work so I then decided to drop into the massive canyon and go up the other side adding AEG, but reducing miles and the trail along the toll road. This hike has it all 2 summits, mines, high alpine tundra, waterfalls, and even more than the pumpkin loop this let's you see the scale of how big this mountain is while making it more of a wilderness experience. I did not map or route scout this I just winged it, but it turned out to be an enjoyable hike with no major surprises except how PUMPKIN cold it was at the top.
Named place
Named place [ checklist ]
[ checklist ] Sentinel Point
average hiking speed 1.87 mph

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