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Madrona Ranger Station from Loma Alta TH - 1 member in 3 triplogs has rated this an average 4 ( 1 to 5 best )
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May 13 2017

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 Tucson, AZ
Trans Rincon Birthday Hike, AZ 
Trans Rincon Birthday Hike, AZ
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Hiking18.47 Miles 4,099 AEG
Hiking18.47 Miles   11 Hrs   7 Mns   1.98 mph
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Did a trans-Rincon hike for my birthday this year. I had never done the Rincon Creek trail so it was nice to do something new. It was cool in the morning but as we approached Rincon Creek we could tell it was going to be blazing hot. After a nice break we wet down our clothes and started the climb. The Rincon Creek trail is in amazing condition considering the lack of use it gets. A trail crew had done some maintenance during the winter. We decided not to do Rincon Peak and took a nap at the campground instead. From there we hiked down the Miller Creek trailhead to meet our shuttle driver. Great birthday hike!!

Forgot to note we saw 5 deer and a pair of Cardinals along the Rincon Creek trail.
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Feb 07 2017

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 Tucson, Arizona
Saguaro N P Quilter Trail to Madrona R S, AZ 
Saguaro N P Quilter Trail to Madrona R S, AZ
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Hiking23.10 Miles 4,611 AEG
Hiking23.10 Miles   10 Hrs   47 Mns   2.66 mph
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Hike from Camino Loma Alta on Hope Camp Trail to Manning Camp Trail to Madrona Ranger Station then about 2 miles of the Rincon Trail before turning around. I will complete the rest via the Miller Creek Trail and Rincon Trail. All Trails are well Maintained, in fact they had work crews doing some extensive work on the quilter Trail. Water as to be expected in February was Plentiful. None of these trails are anything to write home about as far a scenery goes, but then I have been on the Quilter and Hope Camp Trail many times so I may be biased. I found Madrona Ranger Station to be an interesting place to visit. Have never been there due to the X-9 Ranch closure. Along the upper Quilter and the Madrona Trails water could be heard coming down Chiminea and Madrona Creeks even though they were quite a ways away.
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Nov 10 2008

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 Old Pueblo
Madrona Ranger Station from Loma Alta THTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
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Hiking16.70 Miles 2,640 AEG
Hiking16.70 Miles   5 Hrs   56 Mns   2.81 mph
2,640 ft AEG
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Most of what I have to say about Madrona RS I said in the "Background" section of its hike description. It's one of those places that I looked at on the map as a kid and wondered what was there. Growing up, I had parents that were professors at the School of Renewable Natural Resources at the UofA, which includes the Park Studies and Recreation Planning units who assist the NPS and FS with trail planning, land use, etc. At parties and happy hours back then I would hear all of them talking about access issues, fighting developers, and the dirty things that went on that they and the NPS/FS (With their dwindling budgets) couldn't stand up against. Madrona came up once or twice, and I've included all of the background I collected from those folks in the description.

(One thing that wasn't fit to print is the rumor that one of the uber-wealthy land owners back there, an ophthalmic surgeon, routinely uses Madrona and the pristine pools as a site for debauchery and wild partying; this despite the fact that he and his neighbors are "helping the NPS" make sure it's "Closed to public use.")

What has been done with regard to access is done, and I can only hope that it will be reversed, someday. Madrona is a shining example of one of the most frustrating aspects of access; that being that we must protect it fully because if it is even partially lost, it will probably never be regained. The same fate may soon befall places like La Milagrosa canyon and the North Campbell trail head. The good news for Madrona is that renewed interest has become it, in the form of a possible AZ Trail connection there.

The route that the AZ Trail is considering on paper is essentially the one I've just laid down on land. I left large (2') cairns at most of the crossings and confusing spots, but a bushwhack is required for about two miles. Make sure you have a State Trust Land permit or hunting/fishing license and a Saguaro day use or yearly permit. The NPS staffer I spoke to about this said he wasn't too bothered by my plans as long as I stayed out of the buildings at MRS and didn't cross north into NPS territory along most of the route, as it's apparently a protected resource area of some kind (though it isn't marked as such).
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