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Feb 14 2015

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 Peoria, AZ
Alcatraz IslandBay Area, CA
Bay Area, CA
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Snagged ferry tickets last minute and hopped on the boat at 12:30 with my wife, Tanya, Dustin, Renee and Mike. Upon arriving, a ranger was starting a talk about the story of one of the escape attempts, so we listened to that. The laundry building that is usually closed was open for an art exhibit, so we went through that too before heading up to the cellhouse to do the self-guided audio tour. Got to look through the hospital wing as well due to the exhibit, so we were pretty happy we got to see some areas that normally are not open to the public. Barely made it onto the 3:45 boat, would've had to wait another 45 minutes for the next ferry. I'd been to Alcatraz once before, and I'm glad we went back, it's an interesting place, the audio tour is super well-done, the ferry ride is fun, and the views across the Bay are pretty sweet too.
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Oct 25 2013

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San Francisco Tour - October 2013, CA 
San Francisco Tour - October 2013, CA
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San Francisco CA - October 2013

Depart PHX early Friday 10/25 on Southwest Airlines. Stay at Argonaut Hotel on Fisherman's Wharf Return from SFO late Monday afternoon 10/29

Need to locate nearest Burger King (gluten free diet for Lynn)
Nat Geo book recommendations? Cliche sights listed on pp? (some airplane reading to do)

1. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
2. Cable car ride the famous hills (what route?)
3. Waterfront walk-about
4. Chinatown walk-about
5. Crooked Lombard Street hilly walk-about

1. Alcatraz Island - need reservations, National Parks affected by government shutdown
2. Palace of Fine Arts
3. Presidio walk-about and Baker Beach to China Beach for maverick wave surfing
4. San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge - night photos?
5. Union Square walking tour - see back flap of Nat Geo book
Friday 10/25
After a slight delay departing on Southwest from Sky Harbour Airport in PHX, arrived at SFO late morning. After a $75 taxi ride (tip included) to the Argonaut Hotel at the corners of Jefferson & Hyde at the west side of Fisherman's Wharf (check out :next: ). Checked in noonish and headed to the waterfront to take in the sight, sounds, and smells of Fisherman's Wharf. Ambled westward past Gashouse aka Mariner's Cove, Fort Mason, Crissy Field, Battery Park, and of course the main attraction, the Golden Gate Bridge. Walked across the Golden Gate Bridge (was surprised at the walker toll, $0.00) past Fort Baker and on to Sausalito to catch the Blue & Gold Ferry back to Pier 3 and Ferry Building beside the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Ferry ride gave us a close-up view of Alcatraz Island and the old prison of the same name. Walked along the Embarcadero past Coit Tower while observing all the historic street cars servicing the F-line. Saw a Toronto "red rocket" trucking down the line - made me wonder if the still have any in service back in the "Big Smoke"....
Sample some choice wine back at the Argonaut before calling it a night. Got caught sneaking in a late night snack at the nearby In-N-Out Burger...
San Francisco Bay Trail :next: [ San Francisco Bay Trail ]
Crissy Field :next: [ Crissy Field / Fort Point Trail ]
Golden Gate Bridge :next: [ Golden Gate Bridge ]
Fort Baker :next: [ Fort Baker Trail ]
Alcatraz Island :next: [ Alcatraz Island ]
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge :next: [ San Francisco Bay Bridge ]
F-line Street Cars :next: ... streetcars
SFO Historic Street Car photo archive :next:!/portf ... SbPTvPNtfg and!/portf ... YiaXpZa..8
14.64 miles and 600 feet (60 floors) on FitBit
Saturday 10/26
Started the day off with a Starbucks breakfast before hopping on the cable car at the Hyde & Jefferson turntable station to the Union Square Station. Truthfully this felt more like an amusement park ride than municipal transportation. Followed the concierge's advice from the Argonaut Hotel and only purchased the $6 one-way ticket - she suggested that the cable cars are too congested to think that you'll be able to hop on whenever you like. Hopped off the cable car in the midst of all the upscale shopping stores (Macy's, Neiman Marcus, etc) at Union Square and headed a couple of blocks east to Grant Street to find the China Gate denoting the entrance to China Town. After exploring the side streets of Chinatown to get the sights, sounds, and smells of Saturday morning market shopping, we ambled east to the foot of the Bay Bridge.
Cable car :next: ... cable-cars
China town :next:
San Francisco Oakland bay bridge :next:
Ferry Building :next:
Lucked out getting NPS Alcatraz tickets for Sunday @ 11am :next:
Sea Lions at Pier 39 :next: ... on-webcam/
Lombard Street - the worlds crookedest road :next:
Foggy Golden Gate :next: [ Golden Gate Bridge ]
Fort Point :next: [ Crissy Field / Fort Point Trail ]
Presidio Promenade and East Battery :next: [ Presidio Promenade Trail ]
Presidio Coastal Trail :next: ... m73GzK9KSN and [ Presidio Coastal Trail ] aka Fort Point to Baker Beach Coastal Trail :next: [ Fort Point - Baker Beach Coast Trail ]
Safeway discovery at Beach & Marina a godsend for the pocketbook - deli picnic items consumed back at our room 235 in the Argonaut Hotel
Missed all the fireworks for Wharf Fest 2013 :next: ... -fest-2013
17.82 miles and 1940 feet (194 floors) on the FitBit
Sunday 10/27
Alcatraz prison sentence began serving at 11am, released for good behavior at 2:45pm. Famous Alcatraz prisoners :next: and [ Alcatraz Island ]
More Wharf Fest 2013
SFO at night shots :next: ... ooting.php
1. Bay Bridge
2. Cable car on turntable
3. Golden Gate Bridge
4. Argonaut Hotel
5. Fisherman's Wharf
6. Jefferson Street at night
7. City lights from Aquatic Park Cove Pier
Windy SFO night, did I say windy :next:
Irish Coffee at Buena Vista Cafe with couple from Boston celebrating 25th wedding anniversary and retracing honeymoon locals in and about San Francisco (Irish Coffee was doubly good given the sudden dip in temperature and blustery wind this evening)
Fish and Chips by the fire place in the Argonaut Hotel with Anchor Steam Beer on tap (good place to warm the bones after attempting to capture some night images)
Buena Vista Cafe at Hyde & Beach for the original Irish Coffee :next:
9.21 miles and 980 feet (98 floors) on FitBit
Monday 10/28
Arranged for a 2pm late checkout from the Argonaut Hotel - kudos to Laureen for looking after us! I'll give this hotel a thumbs up for a return visit.
Palace of Fine Arts :next: and [ Palace of Fine Arts ]
Hyde Street Pier :next:
Playing tourist at Pier 39 :next:
Picked up 2pm by taxi for another $75 ride to the airport
Southwest running about 60 minutes behind schedule, arriving 8-ish at Sky Harbour Airport
11.04 miles and 1030 feet (103 floors) on FitBit
FR = 14.62 and 600 ft
SA = 17.82 and 1940 ft
SU = 9.21 and 980 ft
MO = 11.04 and 1030 ft
4 day total = 52.69 miles and 4,550 feet

76 photos on iPhone (for geocoding purposes)
485 photos on Canon Rebel XT
147 photos on Canon 7D
4 day total = 708 photos

Looking for a killer 20mm to 75mm Canon compatible lens to cover the gap between my 10-22mm wide angle and 70-200mm telephoto - recommendations?
Already contemplating when a return trip to San Francisco can be placed on the calendar. San Francisco is a special city. THE GOOD = jaw dropping eye candy city, THE BAD = Burger King at Fisherman's Wharf closed down (ok, maybe this should read "mega-expensive city", but we found a way to keep ourselves on the cheap), THE UGLY = extraordinary number of street people begging you for money almost everywhere. In the meantime, I'm going to have to revisit my Clint Eastwood DVD collection for his many SFO movie scene locations (Dirty Harry series, Escape from Alcatraz immediately come to mind). "Birdman of Alcatraz" and "It Came from Beneath the Sea" and Steve McQueen’s “Bullet” also comes to mind.
Dirty Harry :next: [ youtube video ]
The Enforcer :next: [ youtube video ]
Escape from Alcatraz :next: [ youtube video ]
Birdman of Alcatraz :next: [ youtube video ]
It Came From Beneath the Sea :next: [ youtube video ]
Bullet :next: [ youtube video ]
Photos to follow when I get the chance...
Meteorology [ checklist ]
[ checklist ] Fog Sunset
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Autumn Foliage Observation Isolated

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