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Nov 05 2016

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 Carrboro, NC
Sullivan's CanyonNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
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Drving from Vegas to Zion, some mechanical issues in our RV turned out to be a blessing in disguise causing us to stop off early at the Virgin Gorge. We hiked down to the river under a full moon that night as we spent the night, and then again the next morning. Given the water level (and more importantly temperature), we didn't cross on a casual early morning stroll and cut it short about .5 mile in. Still, the trail and campground areas offered unbelievable views of the gorge.
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Nov 11 2013

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 Las Vegas, NV
Sullivan's CanyonNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
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Exploratory hike to check the area out for future backpacking.
Right away, you get to ford the Virgin River - brrr!!! Very cold all year round. This was a first for my husband fording a river during hiking, so he was pretty worried. The Virgin was fairly low at this time of year, though (about mid-calf), so it was no big deal, and a good learning experience for him as well.
We were mainly here to explore, not to make miles, so our pace allowed a slow enjoyment of the area. Beautiful weather, amazing canyon, great day :D

We encountered an odd fenced exclosure in the wash. Wasn't a hole, and didn't seem to be a filled-in mine. It was covered even from the top, but the fencing wasn't small enough to keep rabbits out, so it didn't make much sense. Clearly, it was pretty old, as the wooden bars were pretty rotted. You can see it from Google Earth, but I really have no idea what it was.
The river was slightly higher on our way out than it had been on the way in - surprise!

Prior to dropping into Sullivan Canyon, there is a trail. The trail is clearly little-used, but very robust cairns mean it's always easy to figure out where you should be. With the river low, staying on trail didn't really matter much down near the water, but when the Virgin is high, you would need to keep a sharper eye. After dropping into Sullivan, this hike is route only.
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Oddly, there were still carpets of cinchweed (Pectis papposa) in some of the sandy areas near the Virgin.

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