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Verde River Paddle Trail - 2 members in 4 triplogs have rated this an average 4 ( 1 to 5 best )
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May 30 2022

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 Tucson, AZ
Verde River Paddle TrailSedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
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GrottoGirlTriplogs 1,452
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Kayak3.21 Miles   1 Hour   51 Mns   1.83 mph
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We Packrafted the Tapco to Tuzigoot section of the Verde is a nice two hour float. They’ve removed the dam so there is no portage. We went early enough there wasn’t too many partiers out.
Jun 07 2015

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 Phoenix, AZ
Verde River Paddle TrailSedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
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EartheistTriplogs 213
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Put in at the Bridgeport access point at Hwy 89 and took it to the Bignotti RAP. Amazing trip, water was cool, weather nice for June. Water flowing pretty good due to recent rain. Never had to get out and portage over rocks, though a few places, we did have to shimmy a little to get moving.
Mar 13 2015

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 Jackson, CA
Verde River Paddle TrailSedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
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toddakTriplogs 491
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Kayak9.00 Miles   3 Hrs   30 Mns   2.57 mph
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Ran the Class I/II White Bridge to Beasley Flat section below Camp Verde at about 500 cfs, a bit low (800 - 1000 cfs is ideal) but still fun. The upper section is thick with trees and the river frequently splits into side channels flowing around islands of vegetation, making for potential strainers. Frequent stops to scout the channel ahead and possible portages may be required. After passing the confluence with West Clear Creek the vegetation starts to thin, the terrain becomes rockier and the river channel becomes more defined, making for the best conditions and the most enjoyable rapids. There is good river access and another put-in off Salt Mine Road just above the WCC confluence, making a 4.5 mile run down to Beasley.
Sep 23 2014

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 Needles CA
Verde River Kayaking 89A - Bignotti Beach, AZ 
Verde River Kayaking 89A - Bignotti Beach, AZ
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azbackpackrTriplogs 823
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Kayak5.91 Miles   3 Hrs   18 Mns   2.26 mph
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This little run is a blast! You need a short boat, and a bit of kayaking skill. It's not for beginners, but on the other hand it isn't too hard. There are tight turns and Class I riffles, maybe a couple almost to Class II. We had at least three flips in our group, on a couple of the tight turns, but the water was shallow and not too cold, so they were able to get going again fairly quickly. River was running at about 140 cfs, so it was very low. Occasionally we scraped the bottom. Any lower and it'll be hard to run it.
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