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City of Williams Link Trail #124 - 3 members in 4 triplogs have rated this an average 2 ( 1 to 5 best )
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Jul 14 2019

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 Prescott Valley,
City of Williams Link Trail #124Flagstaff, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ
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Hiking1.25 Miles
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Nice out and back hike. Poured on us but so worth it.
Aug 19 2018

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Williams City Loop, AZ 
Williams City Loop, AZ
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I set out in the morning to hit Bill Williams from the only side I haven't yet ... Bixler. After driving nearly to Ash Fork and then having to turn back because the westbound exit on I-40 was closed during the paving project, I finally arrived where I thought I should be. Well, it should be noted that the "trailhead" for Bixler Saddle is now over 3 miles and 1100 feet of gain up a closed road. This is not mentioned on the FS website for the trail. I wasn't in the mood for 6.5 miles of old closed road walking so I decided to head back to town and try to knock out the other BW trails I hadn't previously done. (FR45 is now closed)

City of Williams Link 124
I parked at the FS office near Buckskinner Park and walked back down through the neighborhood to the unmarked start of the City Link trail. This was boring AF following an old road and buried gas line with little shade. The official trail cuts a corner at the top, but I missed it and stayed on the road/gas line until it hit Clover Springs.

Clover Springs 46
I had done the section to the springs previously, but did it downhill and had forgotten how steep the little climb up to the spring area is. Still, it's a great trail, and nicely shaded in the woods. The spring box cover is broken and there was water in it.

Buckskinner Trail 130
From the spring, I headed back toward Buckskinner Park. This trail was very nice and a highlight of the day. I might actually choose this trail as a starting point the next time I go to summit the mountain rather than using the official BW trailhead.

At the park I was going to figure out the best way to get over to the start of the High School Hill hike, and decided to check out the mini reservoirs that I saw on the topo map. I was surprised to find that City Reservoir was a scenic little lake with a handful of people out fishing. It wasn't full, but I could see this being a nice spot to spend a few free hours if you lived here.

I was anticipating an off-trail excursion over to Santa Fe Reservoir, but was pleasantly surprised to find a very well used path starting at City dam that went toward Santa Fe dam. I cut down to the reservoir early to walk along the shore before crossing the concrete-manufactured stone dam. Anglers there told me it's stocked regularly.

High School Hill
Next I crossed the road and headed up a steep berm to reach the unmarked trailhead for High School Hill. This one climbs steeply to start and I ended up hitting a wall and needing a break in the shade. After good break, I continued on with the climb leveling out for a while before the final push to the summit. Views here are pretty nice.

After making the Varsity team, I headed back down, crossed the Santa Fe dam again, and made an off-trail beeline back to my truck before heading over to Davenport Hill.

For being right in town, these trails were pretty nice, and despite being a weekend with good weather, I only encountered three other hikers on the trails, though there were also a bunch of people at the two reservoirs.
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Aug 08 2015

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Bill Williams Mountain Tour, AZ 
Bill Williams Mountain Tour, AZ
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Ray wanted to get in some hiking at Elevation. I came up with this one that starts at 6,900', climbed to 8,700', dropped to 7,800, and then up to the top of Bill Williams at 9,256. Once again, Dave was a 9:45p the night before addition.

The Bill Williams Trail #21 was as I remembered. It climbs like a mutha, right from the gitgo. There's a few spots where it levels off to let you catch you breath, then back up again. There is some large, thick, old growth that is defiantly not JimH approved.
There are not many views at all on this trail through the trees.

First time on the Bixler Saddle Trail #72. This trail does not get much use, but is in great shape. Finally you get some sweet views to the west. There are some cragily rocky peaks that look like some of you rock hounds would enjoy climbing. We went down to the western TH and then turned around and climbed back up the 900' we'd just descended. I like this trail.

Next we made our way to the Bill Williams Peak at 9,256'. We descended a bit to find a place where it might be a bit warmer to eat some lunch and catch some views. Of course this was the first time on the day it decided to rain lightly. We abbreviated our lunch as we all needed to get moving to get warm.

Next it was the Benham Trail #38. Some how we missed the TH up top and ended up joining it partway down the Tower Road. Another trail with good views and in great shape. Also another that does not get much traffic.

The plans next were to follow some back roads to catch up with some more trails to the north. We ended up traversing around some PP and ultimately walk through a nice neighborhood where some of Williams Upper Crust call home.

After passing the City Reservoir, we found some use trails that met up with the City of Williams Link Trail #124. (Looks like it caters to the MTB community)

We took the Buckskinner #130 to check out Clover Spring and then back to the Clover Spring Trail #46 and back to the TH.

Buckskinner/Clover Spring/Williams City trails, would make a nice short loop if you were in the area.

Perfect temps on the day ranging from 61 a couple of times, to 75. We had a bit of light rain and the Gods were Bowling overhead a few times.

Good times, always good conversations, bickering, poking, jabbing with these gents.

Thanks for driving Ray....
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water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water 3 out of 5water less than max City Reservoir 51-75% full 51-75% full
Plenty of water. It's was muddy from recent rains

water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water 3 out of 5water 4 out of 5 Clover Spring Gallon + per minute Gallon + per minute
3' x 3' Concrete tank was full. Not sure I'd filter myself as the water was a funny color.
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Aug 08 2015

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Bill Williams Mountain Tour, AZ 
Bill Williams Mountain Tour, AZ
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4,022 ft AEG   1 Hour   7 Mns Break
1st trip
Today's hike was one Bruce drew up to help me train at higher altitude. Both the starting (6900 feet) and highest (9200 feet) elevations would be new personal highs for me.

This was my first time on Williams Mountain. The trails here are very well maintained, at least those that we hiked on today. The rain from the day before made them nice and soft, but with firm footing. Not many views on the way up, but the views from the top are fabulous.

This route was a fun one. We started out with a 2300 foot ascent to a saddle, dropped down 900 feet to another saddle, then finished the uphill portion with a long ascent to Bill Williams Lookout (Bixler Saddle to Bill Williams L.O.). The uphill portion at this elevation is always a struggle for me, so Bruce and Dave let me set the pace. It was a slow pace with lots of breaks, but it made the hike much more enjoyable for me. Thank you Dave and Bruce!

After a break just below the summit, we headed down the Benham trail. At the end of the Benham Trail, we had to deviate from the plan due to private property boundaries, but even that was fun. We got to see some amazing real estate while following some public roads as we headed around the mountain. After a short off trail section, we passed the city reservoir before reaching Buckskinner park, where we took a final break. We headed off trail once more before finally reaching maintained trails again.

From there it was smoothing sailing back to the TH. This was a very fun hike for me but the great company kicks it up a notch to a great hike. Thanks Bruce and Dave. This was a most enjoyable day!
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