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Oct 06 2018

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Reavis Gap Trail #117Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
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I decided to take a trip to Reavis Ranch for some apples. I wanted to avoid the busy trails to I started from the Campaign trailhead and was the only car in the lot. The temperature was in the 50s at the start but hiking up the Reavis Gap trail felt warm in the sun. The cows have made there way about 1 mile or so up the gap trail and left there mark. The clouds blocked the sun a lot of the time which made the hike pleasant. When I arrived at Reavis Ranch at about 10:15 am I was the only one in the orchard. I was expecting more visitors but maybe I was early. I sampled some of the produce and headed back to explore Boulder Peak. I thought the peak was on my GPS but it was not marked so I got up early and hiked the ridge a ways. The hiked up there is ugly (choked with manzanita) but I made it to the summit area. On the way down, I stopped at the campsite near Pine creek and ate. The rest of the hike out was uneventful. The road in (449A) was graded recently and is in good shape. The one hill was loose with rocks as is normal.
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