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Sep 01 2017

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 Tucson, AZ
Loma Parda, NM 
Loma Parda, NM
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Scenic Drive
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Once I made it to I-25 at Wagon Mound, it was southbound on the freeway to NM 161 for the drive over to Loma Parda. But it is tricky. The first exit for 161 at MP 366 heads for Fort Union. You can exit there and take the frontage road on the east side of the interstate down to the other 161 route to Loma Parda, or stay on the interstate two more miles to exit 364 at Watrous. (The 161 you want eventually takes you to NM 518 near Buena Vista, basically following the Mora River on its south side). Confused? Good, that's part of the fun. Along this road, look for the right turn as shown in photo #2. This will get you there.

The road is fine and there is now a bridge over the Mora River at the old village site (the original was washed away in a flood in 1948). Privately owned, with lots of closed to entry signs, so just stay on the main road and have a look (unless you make arrangements with the land owner to get a tour).

Loma Parda was already a farming village along the Mora River before Fort Union was established only about 5 miles away in 1851. Ironically, one of the reasons Lieutenant Colonel Edwin V. Sumner chose to establish the fort was to protect the troops stationed at Fort Marcy in Santa Fe from the vice they were exposed to in the city. So the move to a more remote setting was going to solve the problem. Ha! Little did he know what was to come. Boys will be boys!! :o To be fair, the location for the fort was pretty strategic, being near the junction of the Mountain and Cimarron branches of the Santa Fe Trail.

Little sleepy Loma Parda blossomed with the arrival of Fort Union. What followed probably made Mr. Sumner wish he had kept the troops in Santa Fe. :lol: Do a google search to enjoy some of the stories of bygone days at this place. They are fascinating to say the least! ( is a good one) :)

[ youtube video ]
[ youtube video ]

Anyway, it was great to finally visit this rather infamous place. I toured Fort Union in 2015, so this was a must see to compliment that. When looking at satellite views of this area, it is cool to see the still visible wagon tracks from so long ago.

From Loma Parda, I headed to NM 518 and back down to Las Vegas, where I stopped at the Plaza Hotel to say hello to Sean and grab a burger and brew. Then it was on to Moriarty where I stopped at Sierra Blanca Brewery and picked up a growler of their Octoberfest Beer, which I enjoyed some of at my motel room when I got to Socorro. Next day it was back to Tucson via one of my favorite drives: through Reserve and Mule Creek! These darn trips never get old. :D
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Light
Sunflowers of course.
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Sep 20 2015

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 Ahwatukee, AZ
Colorado Fall Colours - Sep2015, CO 
Colorado Fall Colours - Sep2015, CO
Backpack avatar Sep 20 2015
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Backpack41.75 Miles7 Days         
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Colorado Fall Colours - September 2015
Making an attempt this time at combining business with pleasure with my Team making a presentation and "ask" from our R&D Council meeting in Boulder CO followed by a Life Sciences Investor Conference in Vail CO that alternates between Arizona and Colorado :next: Given the time of year in the Rocky Mountains, we were hoping to find some fall colours. Also wanted a chance to check out Independence Pass :next: [ Independence Pass ]

Ahwatukee AZ to Boulder CO is 894 miles, 13 hrs, 9 min per Google Maps
Boulder CO to Vail CO is 107 miles, 1 hrs, 58 min per Google Maps
Vail CO to Ahwatukee home is 761 miles, 12 hrs, 30 min via Durango

Itinerary goes here...

Colorado – September 2015
Saturday 9/19 – prep day…

Sunday 9/20 – BEST WESTERN PLUS Boulder Inn, 770 28th Street, Boulder, CO, Phone: 303/449-3800 – confirmation number 515929770, King 400 sqft Master Suite Pet Friendly Patio Room. Drive from home to Boulder CO is 894 miles via Santa Fe NM, 13 hrs 9 min per Google Maps

Monday 9/21 – BEST WESTERN PLUS Boulder Inn, Boulder CO – explore Boulder and surrounding mountains :next: [ photo ] Reservations Sunday to Wednesday.

Tuesday 9/22 – BEST WESTERN PLUS Boulder Inn, Boulder CO – explore Boulder and surrounding mountains :next: [ photo ] Reservations Sunday to Wednesday.

Wednesday 9/23 – ANTLERS at VAIL RESORT, 680 Lionshead Place, Vail, CO 81657 USA, (970)476-2471 - confirmation number 153442. 1 Bed Room condo, pet friendly condo Morning presentation to R&D Council @ legacy Covidien facility in Boulder CO. Evening reception at Vail Marriott Lionshead Village, 715 West Lionshead Circle, Vail CO. Boulder Inn to Antlers at Vail Resort is 107 miles via Golden CO, 1 hr 58 min per Google Maps.

Thursday 9/24 – ANTLERS at VAIL RESORT. Rocky Mountain Life Sciences Ventures @ Vail Marriott Lionshead Village Resort. ... ?id=593660 Registration ID: 5004146

Friday 9/25 – ANTLERS at VAIL RESORT – explore day

Saturday 9/26 – check out ANTLERS, Vail CO – drive home is 761 miles via Telluride CO, 12 hrs 30 min per Google Maps

Sunday 9/27 – recover at home…

Sunday September 20th - Ahwatukee to Boulder CO
Fitbit distance = 2.47 miles, 150 AEG (15 floors)
Made an early morning getaway via AZ87 to Payson and Holbrook to pick up the I-40. Missed my planned turn at Laguna Pueblo to capture a couple of images (HAZ Hike :next: [ Laguna Pueblo/Mission View Point ] ) so we pushed onto Albuquerque NM for our leg-stretcher break. Helped a stranded motorist near Las Vegas NM – clogged air filter! Karma fulfilled, had our Antelope herds appear on cue to usher in the New Mexico sunset…
Couldn’t get a “dog friendly” cottage reserved at Chautauqua this time :next:, so resorted to “plan B” using the Boulder Best Western Plus as base camp.

HAZ hikes
1. Fort Union National Monument NM :next: [ Fort Union National Monument ]
2. Wagon Mound NM :next: [ Wagon Mound ]
3. Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge NM :next: [ Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge ]
Monday September 21st – Boulder CO and Surrounding Area
Fitbit distance = 7.37 miles, 410 AEG (41 floors)
Quest for some local Fall Colours – explore Flatirons and travel up Flagstaff Road to Gross Reservoir and onto Nederland and Brainard Lake area in the Indian Peaks Wilderness and Roosevelt National Forest…

HAZ hikes
1. Chautauqua / Bluebell Mesa CO :next: [ Chautauqua / Bluebell Mesa ]
2. Royal Arch Trail CO :next: [ Royal Arch from Enchanted Mesa TH ]
3. Flatirons 1 & 2 CO :next: [ Flatirons 1 & 2 - Boulder Mountain Park ]
4. Panorama Point CO :next: [ Panorama Point ]
5. Meyer Homestead CO :next: [ Meyer Homestead ]
6. Gross Reservoir CO :next: [ Gross Reservoir ]
7. Barker Reservoir CO :next: [ Barker Reservoir ]
8. Brainard Lake Loop Trail :next: [ Brainard Lake Loop Trail ]
9. Long Lake - Jean Lunning Loop Trail :next: [ Long Lake - Jean Lunning Loop Trail ]
10. Jean Lunning Trail :next: [ Jean Luning Trail ]
11. Lake Isabelle Trail :next: [ Lake Isabelle ]
12. Red Rock Lake Trail :next: [ Red Rock Lake Trail ]
13. Boulder Canyon Trails :next: [ Boulder Canyon / Creek Trails ]
Tuesday September 22nd – Boulder CO and Surrounding Area
Fitbit distance = 5.82 miles, 530 AEG (53 floors)
Early morning stroll at Chautauqua. Good laugh seeing Chryssie take on all the squirrels. Dry run with my Team before heading the Avery Brewery for dinner.

HAZ hikes
1. Chautauqua / Bluebell Mesa CO :next: [ Chautauqua / Bluebell Mesa ]
Wednesday September 23rd - Boulder CO to Vail CO via Nederland CO
Fitbit distance = 5.16 miles, 180 AEG (18 floors)
Team made our presentation to the R&D Council and I headed back to our Boulder base camp to hit the road to Vail CO. Checked into our next base camp at the Antlers Resort and headed to the Rocky Mountain Life Sciences Investor Conference reception…

HAZ hikes
1. none
Thursday September 24th – Vail CO
Fitbit distance = 5.53 miles, 70 AEG (70 floors)
All day at the Rocky Mountain Life Sciences Investor Conference…

HAZ hikes
1. Eagles Loop Trail :next: [ Eagles Loop Trail ]
Friday September 25th – Vail CO to Minturn to Leadville to Aspen to Glenwood Springs to Vail CO
Fitbit distance = 10.66 miles, 490 AEG (49 floors)
Enjoyed many Colorado Rocky Mountain mini-treks, but the hi-lite was Independence Pass...

HAZ hikes
1. Camp Hale Ruins :next: [ Camp Hale Ruins ]
2. Tennessee Pass :next: [ Tennessee Pass to Hagerman Pass Road - CT #9 ]
3. Twin Lakes Reservoir :next: [ Twin Lakes Reservoir & Colorado Trail ]
4. Independence Pass :next: [ Independence Pass ]
5. Independence Ghost Town :next: [ Independence Ghost Town ]
6. Hanging Lake :next: [ Hanging Lake ]
Saturday September 26th Vail CO to Durango CO to Ahwatukee AZ
Fitbit distance = 4.74 miles, 170 AEG (17 floors)
Primo Fall Colours providing eye-candy all along the route home...

HAZ hikes
1. Crystal Lake CO :next: [ Crystal Lake ]
2. Molas Lake CO :next: [ Molas Lake ]
Sunday 9/20 = 2.47 miles, 150 AEG
Monday 9/21 = 7.37 miles, 410 AEG
Tuesday 9/22 = 5.82 miles, 530 AEG
Wednesday 9/23 = 5.16 miles, 180 AEG
Thursday 9/24 = 5.53 miles, 70 AEG
Friday 9/25 = 10.66 miles, 490 AEG
Saturday 9/26 = 4.74 miles, 170 AEG
TOTAL = 41.75 miles, 2000 AEG
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TOTAL = 844 photos
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foliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observation
Autumn Foliage Observation Extreme
Aug 04 2015

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 Tucson, AZ
Fort Union National MonumentNortheast, NM
Northeast, NM
Walk / Tour avatar Aug 04 2015
rwstormTriplogs 992
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Walk / Tour
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A monument to our turbulent history and westward expansion.

I finally stopped at this historically important place out on the plains along the Santa Fe Trail. There actually were three different forts here during the period of activity (1851-1891). The location is pretty stark and dramatic. I was amazed at how large this military installation was in its heyday. Awesome in its windswept loneliness...Fort Union is worthy of a visit and contemplation for sure.

More info can be found at:

[ youtube video ]
[ youtube video ]
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