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Jun 28 2022

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 Tucson, AZ
Panorama TrailSouthwest, UT
Southwest, UT
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JackluminousTriplogs 17
Hiking6.01 Miles 751 AEG
Hiking6.01 Miles   2 Hrs   15 Mns   3.11 mph
751 ft AEG      19 Mns Break
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Stayed overnight at the Basin campground on our way in to Utah for an extended camping vacation. Kodachrome has spa bathrooms and laundry facilities as well as spectacular geology and trails, so it was a great stopover.

I got up at dawn to do this hike before heading on. It’s a gorgeous hike and now one of my favorites. The old Indian cave was amazing with petrified hand prints all around. The highlight for me was Cool Cave at almost precisely the halfway point.

I had the trail entirely to myself until the very end, when I passed three hikers just getting started.
May 13 2020

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Panorama TrailSouthwest, UT
Southwest, UT
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TimTriplogs 432
Hiking5.90 Miles 630 AEG
Hiking5.90 Miles   2 Hrs   25 Mns   2.44 mph
630 ft AEG
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We headed up to Southern Utah this week as that was some of the only open camping. Carolyn and I did this hike as a counterclockwise loop while Paul and his son, Riley, rode mountain bikes in a clockwise direction. We met at the Cool Cave. That was a pretty impressive feature as was the view from Panorama Point. Secret Passage also had some interesting rock formations. The entire hike had a lot of bang for the buck. The temperature was in the mid 60s. The loop came in at 5.9 miles with 630 feet of AEG in 2 hours and 25 minutes.
Oct 15 2018

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 phoenix, az
Kodachrome Basin State Park, UT 
Kodachrome Basin State Park, UT
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trekkin_geckoTriplogs 3,588
Hiking10.10 Miles 1,405 AEG
Hiking10.10 Miles
1,405 ft AEG
1st trip
since we were staying in cannonville again, decided to spend much of the day at kodachrome basin state park
had a big girl breakfast at rustler's while waiting for temps to rise a bit, then headed out mid morning
did the very short nature trail first
next, angel's palace, climbing up onto and circling a little butte
good overview of the park and some interesting rock formations
biggest hike of the day was on the panorama trail, at six miles if you include all the side trips
secret passage, cool cave and panorama point are worth exploring
nice views from the point
drove out to chimney rock and had some lunch
finished with shakespeare arch - sentinal trail
we skipped the grand parade trail
good sampler of the park
drove down cottonwood canyon road to see grosvenor arch
impressive double arch and a nice scenic drive
backtracked to tropic for some IDK BBQ - yum!
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Mar 10 2009

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 Apache Junction,
Panorama TrailSouthwest, UT
Southwest, UT
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iheartmonsterTriplogs 31
Hiking3.86 Miles 432 AEG
Hiking3.86 Miles   2 Hrs   14 Mns   1.73 mph
432 ft AEG
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There was still some snow on the ground, and it was a little muddy, but not bad. I especially enjoyed Secret Passageway.
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average hiking speed 2.08 mph

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