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May 14 2021

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 Fountain Hills,
Hayford Peak - Sheep MountainsVegas, NV
Vegas, NV
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Hiking15.60 Miles
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Hayford Peak has been on my radar screen for a while, mainly because it is one of 57 ultra pics in the continental US. An 'ultra" peak is one with 5,000 feet or more of prominence.

The last 19 miles to the TH is on dirt roads that are pretty well graded. A 4WD vehicle is not needed, and an SUV would be fine to make the drive. I suppose that a sedan could make it, but 19 miles is a long way in a low clearance vehicle.

The last few miles to the TH are through a joshua tree forest, which I enjoyed.

The first 4 miles of the hike were a bit of a slog, due to hiking through a wash that didn't have the greatest traction, so it was a bit tiring and used more energy than it otherwise would. Plus we were looking directly into the early morning sun, so I was just looking down at my feet. Only on the way back out were we able to see and enjoy the surroundings.

After 4 miles the traction got better and we got into a ponderosa pine forest which provided some filtered shade. After 5.3 miles we got to Hidden Forest Cabin, and we took a break there.

The cabin is 2.5 miles from the summit, and the grade of the ascent continues to be relatively modest for the first mile; after that it gets pretty steep. We made it up to the summit and enjoyed the nice views from the summit. The south side of the summit was devoid of trees, whereas the north side had a lot of bristlecone pines; that makes me wonder if there might have been a fire on the south side a few centuries ago.

We went back the same way that we came up. I enjoyed the descent through the wash better than the ascent: it was easier to be going down instead of up through the gravel, and with the sun not in my eyes I was able to enjoy looking at the vegetation and the geology.

I enjoyed the hike, and it is a worthwhile hike to do if you are in the area. However, I think that the Spring Mountains are a nicer place to hike.

We did not see anyone else on a hike. This one doesn't seem to be hiked much, and those enjoying solitude on a hike will likely find it on this hike.

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May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. -- Edward Abbey
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Oct 11 2015

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 Las Vegas, NV
Hidden ForestVegas, NV
Vegas, NV
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Hiking10.43 Miles
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Spent a nice day hiking here. The only other time we had been on this hike involved a lot of unexpected snow, so a very different feel. This day was the opposite - pretty hot as we started out from the trialhead. The other big difference we noted was that FWS has now placed signs at every road junction. Today's hike was pleasant, although nothing really notable happened. Just a hike up a wash/dry canyon in the shade on a hot day. We paused for lunch at the historic cabin, then hiked the 1/4 mi extra to check out Wiregrass Spring. The spring was low, as is typical until fall rains begin, but we did manage to add a few shots of our legs to the wildlife camera. Hike back again uneventful, but the hills around suggest other possibilities, and Hayford Peak is on the list for sure.

Given the unseasonably hot day, we were surprised to see only one car at the trail head when we arrived. Perhaps the warnings of wash-outs along the road made people reconsider? Saw no one until almost back, then 3 folks plus a dog out for a one night backpack to the cabin.

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Approx QPM from pipe near cabin. Little flow at spring box.
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