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Dec 11 2015

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Diablo MountainTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
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I covered most of it in the Description so this one will be short 'n' sweet. :) The only other thing that was pretty cool and more fitting for the triplog vs. Description section: driving out from the TH, I passed a border patrol agent on FR 684 and started chatting with him. Come to find out, he and a buddy of his also bagged Diablo Mountain. I showed him the pics I'd taken of the summit log [the mountain does not see many visitors to say the least, so I was able to capture pretty much everyone who signed in with just three photos]. He identified himself and his buddy. It's nice to know that some of the local border patrol are also into bushwhacking up remote peaks. If only I thought to ask about a few other peaks in that area that are even more remote…!
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If you see a bulge in a Conservative woman's pants, be careful... it is probably a gun 8)
If you see a bulge in a Liberal woman's pants, be careful... it is probably a shiny rifle
17 Wild Dogs - LIVE!
17 Wild Dogs - LIVE!
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