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Mar 19 2016

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Pinkham Canyon RoadInland, CA
Inland, CA
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4x4 Trip30.00 Miles
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This was our first journey into Joshua Tree National Park. I always enjoy a national park that has some back country roads to explore. We first checked in at the Cottonwood Visitors Center and then Journey out on Pinkham Canyon Rd. Very scenic, not too difficult as far as a 4x4 trail goes. Spring is a good time as there are lots of wildflowers to see. We only ran across 2 others out there, a couple and there dog in a Jeep (YJ) and a group of springbreakers in a Subaru Crosstrek. We completed pinkham canyon and decided on the BLM road back to the park, makes a nice loop. Next time I would like to check out Thermal Canyon too. I did not need to air down for this, but have trouble in the sandy areas, it may not be a bad idea. ... uFr0

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quite a few in areas
Feb 20 2010

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Joshua Tree National Park TrailsInland, CA
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Here is a high level trip report for the Joshua Tree Jeep Run. We had seven modified rigs with a variety of builds.

We arrived at the park around 2pm on Friday afternoon and set up camp at the Cottonwood Campground. We then headed out to run the Pinkham Canyon Road. We made a loop that took us back to our camp. It was very easy going with a few optional rocks to play on.

On Saturday, we headed into the heart of the park. We made our way to Jumbo Rocks campground and took a bunch of pics. From there we headed to the Geology Tour road. It was a very easy graded road. We made the loop and then had some lunch. After lunch, we headed over to the Berdoo Canyon trail. The trail was easy going that lead into a beautiful canyon. We did some exploring and gradually made our way to Indio. We gassed up there and were back to camp around dusk.

The next morning we had some breakfast and headed home. Joshua Tree is a beautiful national park. I would love to go back to see the rest of the park!
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