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Dec 03 2016

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North West DomeTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
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AZHiker456Triplogs 186
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Frustrating, I left my A-game at home in more ways than one but fortunately got off lucky: no twisted ankles, falls, cactus encounters, etc. I had a few minor slips on the way down, but thanks to my trekking poles and the fact that my ‘super agility’ is not 100% lost, I managed to recover rather effortlessly in mid-air. No animal encounters and thankful no target shooters this time! The Mustangs are beautiful, but aside from some of the lower and/or more gradual UN Peaks, it’s time for me to move on to a different, less rugged range [as far as peak bagging is concerned] until I have my feces more in order.
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[ checklist ] North West Dome
If you see a bulge in a Conservative woman's pants, be careful... it is probably a gun 8)
If you see a bulge in a Liberal woman's pants, be careful... it is probably a shiny rifle
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