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Apr 05 2019

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 Phoenix, AZ
Rincon Backpack, AZ 
Rincon Backpack, AZ
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Backpack35.20 Miles 10,146 AEG
Backpack35.20 Miles3 Days         
10,146 ft AEG
1st trip
We did 3 day backpack in the Rincons which John put together. He got permits for first night at Happy Valley campground so we drove up from Phoenix early and started hiking around 9am. Took us only 2 hours to make it to Happy Valley where we setup up camp. Then headed up Rincon Peak for the afternoon. Nice hike with decent trail and carrying day packs made it easier. Took about 20 minute break on the summit which would have been longer except the strong winds kept it short. Hiked back to camp and then enjoyed a relaxing night around the fire.

Next day we backpacked over to Happy Valley Lookout on Heartbreak Ridge trail. The lookout is still very much intact and was open for us to check it out. Cool spot and glad we took the extra 20 minutes to check it out. The eventual goal was to camp at Manning Camp but from there we stopped by Devils Bathtub first to check it out. Good water at Devils Bathtub with some cascades and some pools. Water was the theme of the weekend as we had no issue finding water at any point. From Devils Bathtub we headed to Manning Camp and had some hail and rain but nothing too bad. Arrived at Manning Camp and setup camp around noon.

In the afternoon it was off to day hike the top. There are many trails on top so we made a loop hitting Spud Rock first and then Mica Mountain. Great views on Spud Rock but Mica is just a high point but no views. A few patches of snow lingering on the north facing slopes. Next stop was Reef Rock which is on the east side facing the Galiuro's with great views and the sun came out so we took a fairly long break there. Then it was back to Manning Camp for the night. It was bit colder at Manning which is 8,000 feet as opposed to Happy Valley which is 6,200 feet. Still relaxing night around camp and there were several other groups in the campground.

Last day we hiked out Turkey Creek trail to make it a loop. Turkey Creek trail is steep but it gets the job done and we were at the bottom in 3 hours. However, to make it a loop hike we did have to walk some road past the Turkey trail head and connect with the Miller Creek trail head. Regardless it went fast and we were at the vehicle before noon. Great weekend in the Rincon's and thanks to John for getting the permits!!
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May 12 2017

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 Tucson, AZ
Turkey Creek Trail #34Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
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Backpack22.50 Miles
2,839 ft AEG
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1st trip
My friend Sam and I, along with three of my kids and one of his, hiked the Turkey Creek trail to Manning Camp for a two-night backpacking trip. We had made a similar trip six years ago to Spud Rock Camp, when the kids were much younger, and we’ve been itching to get back to the Rincons since then.

The jeep trail to the trailhead is a little rough in spots. There’s one steep uphill that we attempted and failed in four wheel high, so we had to back up and use low range.

The weather was pleasant. Still, the several miles of trail from the wilderness boundary to the where the ponderosas and firs start in earnest felt pretty hot. This section of trail is exposed, steep, and rocky. Once in the trees, however, the hiking is a very enjoyable. It took us over six hours to reach Manning Camp, including some fairly generous rests.

We were the only people in Manning Camp the first night. What a great place to camp. The pit toilets are even somewhat pleasant. The only fly in the ointment was the Mexican whippoorwills that sang quite loudly for what seemed like most of the night.

The second day we hiked a circuit of trails around the top of the range, visiting Helen’s Dome, Spud Rock, Mica Mountain, Reef Rock, and Man’s Head. This was the highlight of the trip for me. The views from Spud Rock and Reef Rock were especially noteworthy. We lay for awhile on Spud Rock, sucking the warmth from the rock while a cold wind rushed over us, pulling our body heat away.

My boys were able to climb to the top of Man’s Head, but I was not. I made it up the lower half, where inching on our bellies along a shallow ledge was the worst required, but the upper half required skinnying through a really narrow crack, right through the middle of the “head”. I got part of the way through but turned around when I found myself stuck horizontally and several feet off the ground, able to move only when I exhaled all the air from my lungs. If you want to know how skinny you have to be to make it through this crack – I’m six feet tall and 150 lbs, and I was too thick.

The second night we were joined at Manning Camp by a group of three backpackers. I was kind of disappointed to have company – by this time in the trip, I was thinking that we might end up with the mountain to ourselves from start to finish.

Hiking back down on the third day we took the slightly longer route that goes past the Devil’s Bathtub, and I’m glad we did. Beelzebub’s Tub is definitely worth the couple of extra miles. If we had had more time it would have been fun to climb down the cliff to the pools below.

Sam’s daughter had serious shoe/blister problems within a few miles of the trailhead, so she hiked the remainder of the trip barefoot. One tough cookie!
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Apr 16 2015

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AZT #9c Manning Camp to Park Boundary, AZ 
AZT #9c Manning Camp to Park Boundary, AZ
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Hiking11.30 Miles 3,109 AEG
Hiking11.30 Miles   6 Hrs   37 Mns   2.35 mph
3,109 ft AEG   1 Hour   49 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
1st trip
This hike is the third day of a four day hike in the Rincon Mountains. Trails include; Mica Mountain Trail, Spud Rock Trail, North Slope Trail, Fire Loop Trail and Italian Spring Trail. It was rather sad to see Mica Mountain with out its lookout tower. back in the late 60's we use to be able to climb to the top of it. Italian Spring does not look like it use to because of the fire that devastated much of the north slope of this mountain. Because of this fire the North Slope Trail is almost non existent in places (but still can be followed with a GPS (Map if you're low tech). For the most part the trails are easy to follow and with the maze of trails up there you can just pick your loop. In the two days I was hiking up here I was able to do loop trails that included every trail with out repeating too many of them.
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