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Sep 15 2022

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 Mesa, AZ
Easy Breezy TrailSedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
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Tortoise_HikerTriplogs 3,088
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I started this hike from Courthouse Vista trailheads. I used Phone trail-Bell Rock trail-Templeton trail to get to Easy Breezy trail. About.6 of a mile. I followed the Eagles route from there, albeit backwards. You can start at the other end by using the Cathedral Rock trailhead. Use part of Cathedral Rock trail and Templeton trail to get to that end of Easy Breezy trail. Probably about.6 of a mile to get to that end too.
Evidence of recent rain but the red dirt packs nicely. Stayed mud free. Nice tree cover, views and plenty of interesting rock areas.
Only saw 5 mountain bikers and 1 hiker on trail.
Nice weather this morning and a very enjoyable outing!
Tortoise Hiking. Stop and smell the Petrichor.
May 29 2021

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Courthouse Butte Loop TrailSedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
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Our get out of town hike didn't start out too well as we circled the north Bell Rock/Courthouse TH a couple times hoping for a parking spot. Fortunately, we were able to find a place to park at the south Bell Rock TH along with the rest of the horde. It was a little warm with not much breeze.

We took off and did the Loop clockwise; when I last did this loop in 2009 with my brother, niece and cousin we went counterclockwise. The closer we got to Bell Rock the more crowded it got pretty much until we hooked up with the Courthouse part of the hike. Like most Sedona hikes, this one has some great views which really started to kick in once you get to the northside of the loop as you can see Cathedral Rock, Doe and Bear Mountain area, Thunder Mountain, Airport Mesa, Brins Mesa area and Twin Buttes. And then there's the Baby Bell Rock you can do a quick loop around if you want.

You kind of have to pay attention as you hook up with Courthouse Butte Loop when you start heading ESE. The breeze picked up just a tad here as well as some cool clouds in the sky. As you round the corner you can see the Rabbit Ears which are always fun to photograph. My niece and brother created this photo here, it is so cool [ photo ] :) The area has lots of brush and trees including prickly pear with very big ears which I've noticed quite a bit up here.

We encountered a few other hikers on this leg as you enter and leave the wilderness part of the hike. It's a $300 fine if a bike rider passes through here. A little further south and the Spaceship Rock (also apparently called Muffin Rock but we went with Spaceship in 2009, thus this picture [ photo ] ) finally shows up. As we passed by we noticed an ocotillo garden and took some photos. As you get more to the other side of the rock, it looks more like a spaceship.

We continued hiking to the southeastern side to a junction in this drainage area. Here you have the option to continue west on the loop but Ambika noticed that the Big Park Loop takes us to the TH so we opted to do that. I had not been on the Big Park Loop so we were pleasantly surprised. It is a fairly busy bike route though so keep your eye out. It's not easy for them either as it does involve a couple little uphills if you're coming from the west. I don't remember there being a Big Park Loop when we hiked this area in 2009. Anyway, we really liked it as you really got a longer view to the Butte and Bell Rock and with the cool little clouds swirling around, it made for some nice photos.

The TH was even busier when we got back. We were surprised to see so many people of all ages and dogs as it was now in the high 80s. We grabbed the cut watermelon out of the cooler and munched on that before taking off to PJs in the Village for lunch. The ribs are great!

I did post some more views from our balcony at the beginning of the Photoset as well as a couple other touristy things... in remembrance of Randall from back in the day.

WATCH: 4.47 miles. Avg bpm 116, Max 142 - most in Zone 3 burning 690 calories finishing at 11:29AM. Temp start 80.5 and 11% humidity.
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prickly pear were blooming and some apache plume.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
Apr 21 2021

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Slim Shady Loop, AZ 
Slim Shady Loop, AZ
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Day 3 of birthday mountain bike rides in Sedona. Well, today was my birthday and a parking spot opened up at Bell Rock just as I pulled in! Fantastic! Slim Shady and Easy Breezy may be my all time favorite mountain bike trails. So fun! So scenic!
Sep 19 2020

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 Goodyear, AZ
Slim Shady TrailSedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
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Went up to Oak Creek this morning to ride an epic loop on the mountain bikes with SCA. Got to Bell Rock trail head around 6:30 and easily found a parking space. Surprised at how few other trail users we saw once we got a small distance from a trailhead.
Oct 12 2019

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Bell Rock TrailSedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
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Sep 28 2019

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Bell Rabbit Chicken Hog Church Cathedral Hi 2, AZ 
Bell Rabbit Chicken Hog Church Cathedral Hi 2, AZ
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A tweak of a redo of a trek done 4 years ago.

1) You can't go wrong with the views on any of these trails.
2) The weather and clouds made this a memorable hike that photos do not do justice.
3) Hog Heaven, High on the Hog, the unnamed use trail from Cathedral Trail and Highline are standouts.
4) With the new route found from Cathedral to Hiline, I will never do the full Cathedral Rock Trail again.
5) This track has been added to the playlist.
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There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."
Dave Barry 🦅
Sep 28 2019

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Bell - Rabbit - Hog - Chicken - Hiline Loop, AZ 
Bell - Rabbit - Hog - Chicken - Hiline Loop, AZ
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Bell Rock Trail
Excellent tread. Old road. IMO it adapts well to demand, curbs destruction and maintains impact within reason. Key being the hearty fencing. Which are short long lasting log poles with a single strand wire. Cuts down on spider use-trails. Doesn't beg to be destroyed as you could easily step over it. Dad always said locks do not prevent thieves, they keep honest people honest.

Courthouse Butte Loop Trail
Our hike covered a majority. This hike is good for those looking for an easy hike with a high volume red rock experience.

Rabbit Ears
Upped my rating from 2 to 3. Descent tread. Possibly the best option to get away from crowds in this network of trails through world class red rock. That said I don't detest crowds and the Rabbit Ears themselves look like trouble to explore.

Llama Trail
Works well to bridge over to the Little Horse network of trails. Mountain bikers can fly through so stay alert.

Little Horse Trail #61
Under appreciated. Solid choice if it works into the web you weave. We walked over a 2 foot slender snake just before reaching Little Horse TH.

Chapel Trail
Like the bag cotton candy comes in you'll forget it after it's served its purpose. Two guys with gps got off trail not paying attention then almost got passed by a family they recently passed. Good chuckle for the memory bank.

Mystic Trail
Near neighborhood. Nobody's favorite. Incredible red rock views nevertheless.

Pig Tail Trail
Added to HAZ. Sedona is determined to put the McDowell spaghetti network to shame. Good alternative to northern Mystic.

Hog Wash Trail
We only hiked 0.2 mi. Can be used to bridge Broken Arrow Trail. Most use from that trailhead.

Hog Heaven Trail
It goes up in grip-n-grunt style. Forget the stroller, it's a big girl trail. We lunched in heaven before getting High on the Hog based on previous experience. Perfect.

High on the Hog Trail
The red rock party continues.

HT Trail
This gets you under SR 179. Nothing special, appreciated.

Easy Breezy Trail
Alternative to Templeton Trail. We crossed paths with a group that tried in earnest to ask hiking questions. We cordially chatted without breaking pace. A minute later wondered how the high school smokers group wandered so far out yonder.

Cathedral Rock Trail #170
The trail was busy as expected. I had trouble balancing the first step into the groove. A kid screaming his head off at the saddle for simple attention was the highlight.

Bruce found a path on satellite to bridge over to Hiline. Not a zoo, far from deserted. Rivals the Hangover Trail.

Hiline Trail
Finally got to check this one out. Brian published the guide here on HAZ two years ago and it screamed winner.

Slim Shady Trail
V.O.C. aorta to Templeton. A nice juniper dense trail. We only hiked 0.1 mi so the naggin rhythm never caught on... May I have your attention, please? Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Coconino Trail
This is now an official trail. This short access trail to Yavapai Trailhead is really an extension of the also short Hermit Trail.

Liked this four years ago. The Hiline tweak easily puts it in the top 3 Sedona mini mega loops.
- joe
May 01 2018

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Sedona Hike, AZ 
Sedona Hike, AZ
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fricknaleyTriplogs 3,422
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1st trip
this is the one i couldn't wait for. modified the Bruce/Joe loop by tagging on some excellent additional trail miles and circling around behind cathedral. there was a big storm front moving in that evening so i knew i was on the clock a little bit for this one.

started off messing around up on the beautiful bell rock. went up the lower chute and decided in the interest of time (ie storm) to call it there, for this trip. i will be back for the top one day. scrambled down and around on courthouse butte. took a minute to figure out the unmarked loop out to the rabbit ears. the way out is a bit of a rocky slog, but once you hit the high point, loop around to magnificent view of the rabbit ears and bring it home on the much more entertaining northern leg, this becomes a much more worthwhile excursion!

scenic traverse on llama and little horse over to chicken point for the next high yield part of the hike. views from chicken point are always wonderful. broken arrow is great, then the absolutely fantastic high on the hog and hog heaven trails. man i love these two trails. completed the loop around the mountains on hog wash, mystic and chapel trails. headed back to 179 then crossed under it on little horse and the surprisingly nice HT trails.

next up was probably my most anticipated part of the day looping over to, up/down, then around cathedral. the templeton trail is underrated in my opinion and the segment from HT to cathedral junction, i found to be lovely. this is when the weather really moved in. i contemplated bailing on going up/down cathedral since i've done it numerous times. instead i decided to just put on my bobby rockets and blast up and down. more templeton awesomeness to the creek, then short but sweet crossover on baldwin to the Hiline trail. Folks, we have another sedona winner with the Hiline Trail. completely awesome trail, with sections remniscent of the hogs/hangover. the weather was pretty crazy at this point so i had to keep it moving, but this was really outstanding. i had earlier notions of adding a few extra miles at the end with looping made in the shade and slim shady, but it was pretty clear it was time to call it a day. and i was getting sick of the wind at this point too. ha

outstanding big day out there, without that many people all things considered. my gps screwed up on me for a while on the little horse and broken arrow trails, so the numbers associated with my gps route are not right (a little too low, especially the elevation). for those interested, the route is good though.
average hiking speed 2.41 mph

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