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Sep 20 2017

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 Tucson, Arizona
SNP Manville Wild Dog Cactus Wren Trails, AZ 
SNP Manville Wild Dog Cactus Wren Trails, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 20 2017
markthurman53Triplogs 662
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1st trip
Nice early morning hike in the Tucson Mountains, Saguaro National Park West. It is starting to feel like fall. Started this hike at the Manville Road access point and headed south on the Manville Trail to Signal Hill. This southern part of the Manville Trail is about .7 miles of walking up a sandy wash, the sand was not well packed so made the walking a little more challenging but not difficult. The Ironwood trees along this side of the park are a bit larger than I've seen in other parts of the park. At Signal Hill Picnic ground I followed the road to Golden Gate road and the trail head for the Wild Dog Trail. The Wild Dog Trail is a short .9 miles to the Valley View Overlook Trail and Bajada Wash and transitions from the lower desert floor to the Tucson Mountain lower hills. There are some mediocre views to the North from the ridge on this trail just prior to trail end at Bajada Wash. I saw one Rattlesnake along this trail and it was was a little more active than others I have seen on previous hikes. Rattled at me as I approached and appeared to move toward me such that I backed up a bit. I thought this odd behavior but in actuality it was moving off to the side of the trail heading for some brush that just happened to be sort of in my direction. Got a couple of pictures but since it was moving and the light was low they were not the best. I liked the way it moved toward its destination while all along keeping it's head cocked in my direction, guess it didn't trust me (don't know why I'm a pretty trusting guy). From Bajada Wash I headed back to Signal hill and took a short break at the Picnic grounds and a visit to the Hohokum Rock art on Signal Hill. Nice close up view to the north of Twin Peaks. The trip along the Cactus Wren and Return on the Manville Trail was rather mundane, just a lot of flat desert walking. The trail crosses many small desert washes that are coming down off the bajada. I did notice some odd looking marks on one section of the trail, parallel "s"shaped lines about 12 inches long and separated by about 12 inches. I assumed these were Sidewinder Rattlesnake tracks. I don't recall ever seeing a sidewinder in Arizona (have seen them in the Mojave) but they are here and they love the sandy desert floors. Also saw numerous round imprints in the sand left by coiled rattlesnakes from probably the night before. Overall a good hike. I was able to do 8 miles today and felt pretty good so what ever was kicking my butt for the last two weeks seems to be passing. I hope my doctor isn't a HAZ member because I told her I would keep my hiking down to under 4 miles for a couple of weeks. I figured I did 4 miles, then of coarse I have to head back.

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