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May 27 2022

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 Fountain Hills,
Mount DavidsonReno, NV
Reno, NV
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DixieFlyerTriplogs 708
Hiking4.77 Miles 1,814 AEG
Hiking4.77 Miles   2 Hrs   37 Mns   1.97 mph
1,814 ft AEG      12 Mns Break
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I was passing through Reno and decided to do this hike. It is a P2K peak and a Nevada county highpoint, so it had some peakbagging interest to me. Plus I figured that it might have some nice views.

This hike was a steep one -- it gained about 1,100 feet in the first mile according to the route scout mile splits. I followed a jeep road up until it turned into a drainage, and then followed that up to a saddle between Mount Davidson and Orphir Hill. From the saddle I went up to Davidson, and then I went to Ophir Hill on the way back.

Once I got to the saddle it was crazy windy -- perhaps the strongest wind that I have encountered on a hike. It literally blew me off the trail at one point. I managed to make it up to Davidson, and then to Ophir on the way back. I then descended on the trail that goes down from Ophir. It was a steep descent, and the tread was nothing but loose dirt and rocks. It was akin to walking on ball bearings on a steep hill.

The views on top were nice, although with the strong winds I really could not enjoy the views.

The slippery descent was one of the worst non bushwhacking descents that I have encountered on a hike. That and the crazy winds put this one in one of my least favorite hikes. Perhaps on another day the views would have made up for the lousy tread, but that did not happen today!
May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. -- Edward Abbey
Nov 11 2017

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 Reno, NV
Mount DavidsonReno, NV
Reno, NV
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Hiking4.60 Miles 1,746 AEG
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Exploration and hiking time has been a little hard to come by in our new digs early on, but found a good one this weekend. I see the Virginia Range on my drive/bike ride to campus each day, and finally struck out to see what they had to offer. With Tanya and Lilah flying into Reno/Tahoe at noon, I knew Rincon and I could knock this out and pick them up on the way home. It was no trouble finding the start, and the route wastes no time in climbing. Car thermometer said 40 degrees at the start, but with the sun and the hill, it was shorts and t-shirt weather in no time. Slogged away until the ascent eased up, and it was easy and scenic walking from there. Nice views in all directions from up top, and since windless days seem to be rare around here, we stayed a bit and soaked it in. I'm still trying to learn the landmarks and summits in the region, of which there are no shortage. Instead of re-tracing our steps on the way back, went up and over Ophir Hill and down the steep road back to town. A few minutes from reaching the car, an air-raid siren went off, followed by cheering and a marching band - Virginia City was celebrating Veterans Day with a parade! Well, that could sure throw off an airport pickup off with closed roads and all, but not to fear, the route turned right near the car, so we descended and watched it for a bit before heading back to Reno/Tahoe. Can't say I've ever ended a hike like that before. Going to have to come back and check out Virginia City some more: some shades of Jerome and Bisbee there.
average hiking speed 1.97 mph

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