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Apr 11 2022

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78 male
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 Phoenix, AZ
Sunset Point to Agua FriaPrescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
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MEWhitemanTriplogs 375
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We decided to take advantage of the cooler weather near Phoenix and did this hike to see where one could come out of the Agua Fria river gorge if hiking south from Badger Springs. The trail was rocky so hiking was slow but was marked by flags where the tread was faint which was very helpful. Brush was cut back as well. Thanks to whoever did this. There was water flowing in the river and we found a large boulder near a pool for a turnaround rest stop. Good hike.
Sep 15 2019

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 Phoenix, AZ
Sunset Point to Agua FriaPrescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
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rcorfmanTriplogs 1,442
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The plan was to find three geocaches. We took the "Sunset Point to Agua Fria" trail to the Agua Fria, then travelled south on the Agua Fria to near Lousy Canyon where we found the third cache and turned around and headed back out.

The trail was surprisingly good. Someone or some group has been giving it some love. There are reasonable cairns and flagging along it. Bushes, trees, and cacti have been trimmed back. It was enjoyable to walk along.

On the way down, we stopped and I hung off a rock wall to find the first cache. After that we celebrated with a beer. Once we reached the river, I climbed the hill across the way to find the second cache. Lots of staghorn cholla and other brush made the ascent (and descent) tricky. Near the bottom, on the way down, a rattler buzzed at me. I had to go around some brush so wasn't too concerned. Went around the brush and it started buzzing again. I wasn't even near it at first but went to check it out, a nice Black Tail. It must be used to a secluded life because it was really grumpy and kept buzzing for the longest time, even after I was well away from it.

Next we followed the river bed downstream. We left the riverbed to check out an abandoned corral. There was a cabin nearby but we skipped that. That might be on the agenda once it cools off some more. We got back on the riverbed and followed it to the last geocache on our list. There was a lot of rock hopping and going around brush. The usual fair for riverbed walking. At least there was no water flowing or it would have been extremely difficult. We were the first to find this geocache and there was a nice shady spot nearby where we celebrated with another beer. After that it was late in the morning and we decided it was time to scoot back up onto the mesa.
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