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WI-28 to Milwaukee River - Ice Age Trail - 1 member in 1 triplog has rated this an average 3 ( 1 to 5 best )
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Aug 02 2018

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New Fane to WI-28 - Ice Age TrailNortheastern, WI
Northeastern, WI
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This is the fourth straight year I’ve in Wisconsin. Last year, I hiked the Ice Age Trail from Crooked Lake to New Fane.

After warming up the previous two days with four mile hikes around our wonderful B&B — The Inn on Hillwind — this year I continued south from New Fane, hiking 11 miles to just south of Kewaskum.

Having grown up in Wisconsin, I realize that calling mosquitoes the “Wisconsin State Bird” is not much of an exaggeration. So, I not only doused myself in Off!, I carried to the can with me for touch-ups. At least I remembered the bug juice: I forgot my sweat rag, energy gels, and some other thing, which I have forgotten to actually remember the name of. Senility sets in early. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I did three segments on this Ice Age Trail hike: I define a segment as being from one trailhead / parking area to another, regardless of distance; not simply where the trail crosses the road. (The Ice Age Trail crosses a lot of roads.) The segments are New Fane to WI-28, WI-28 to the Milwaukee River, and the Milwaukee River to the Kewaskum Trailhead, which is actually on Ridge Rd., just south of the Sunburst Winter Sports Park.

The 1st segment's four miles were typical Ice Age Trail terrain.

The highlight of the flat 2nd segment is Shelter #1, dedicated to Raymond T. Zillmer by his long-time hiking companion Leo Tiefenthaler, is just north of County H. (Ray Zillmer is the father of the Ice Age Trail.) Like the shelters further north, it is an approximately 20 x 30 ft. four-sided wood building, with a large open doorway on one of the long sides. The structure rests on a cement 12″ cement wall, but the inside is dirt. It has an asphalt shingle roof. Like the other shelters, there is an outhouse. At shelter #1, it is a bit uphill.

If the other shelters have a handpump well, I did not notice. The only other one I remember spotting was on the edge of a kettle just south of the Greenbush Campground. In 2015, it did not work. Shelter #1 has a handpump well just downhill, and it worked great. The water was cool and delicious, just like I remember from the roadside handpumps Wisconsin’s waysides had before freeway truck stops were invented. I was a bit worried about ground contamination from the outhouse uphill, but suffered no ill effects the next morning. 💩

Just a few hundred yards south of the handpump well, is the first of two Milwaukee River trailheads. The Ice Age Trail is marked as continuing west from the trailhead, but it ended at Oak Dr. on the east bank of the Milwaukee River. I did not see where the trail might cross, so I returned to the trailhead, then walked down the access road to County H. I crossed the Milwaukee River on the road bridge to the second trailhead. County H does not have much traffic, but neither does the bridge have any pedestrian space should a rare vehicle happen by. Heads up!

I met my wife at the west bank trailhead, where she topped off my water. Despite being soaked with sweat head-to-toe due to humidity, I still had water in my bottle. (When I do fly away hikes, like the Jacksonsville-Baldwin Rail Trail, I bring no gear other than my GPS, camera and a single bottle of water.)

The 3rd segment, from WI-28 to Kewaskum, was my favorite part so far of the Ice Age Trail partly because of the vistas opened up by the farm fields, partly because of the "climb" up Sunburst's bunny hill, but mainly because of the XXX-rated flowerpr0n, particularly by the protected wetlands just east of US-45. I could have filled my memory card just with flowers photos from that wetland. 🌺

Crossing the active soybean field just north of Ridge Rd., I was careful not to trample any vegan heroin.

After recouping back at the Inn on Hillwind, we spent the next three days watching sports car racing at Road America. 🏎

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East Branch Milwaukee River
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