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Oct 05 2018

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Seneca Ridge TrailCapital, MD
Capital, MD
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Looked long and hard and was able to find almost 13 miles of single track trail that appears to be Montgomery County Maryland's answer to Trail 100. Went out to the far suburbs of Washington DC to visit family and needed to find somewhere to get in a long run. Stumbled onto this and discovered it was only 10 minutes from my AirBnB. Convinced my daughter to drop me off and she just didn't believe that there was a trail out here. Pulled into a wide spot on the road with two Porto-Potty's and told her to hold tight for a minute. Ran back and forth on the road for a bit and sure enough, 200 yards away hidden behind some brush was the trail head sign. Told her to come back in two and half hours and I'd be back. Grabbed a couple of bottles of water and ran back across the street and hit the trail.

Trail itself was all single track with one road crossing about 4 miles in. All clearly marked with red blazes about every 250 yards. Plus for an area that ranged between 240 and 350 feet in elevation I was able to get over 1200 AEG over the course of the run. All in 20 yard increments it seemed, think the longest hill took at best 30-40 seconds to run up. From what I can remember it was typical of east coast trails, can't see the forest for the trees. It was so thick with trees you couldn't see anything else. Along the way had about ten stream crossings and I was able to keep my feet dry for 9 of them. Entire trail other than a few very small sections was completely in the woods and in the shade. But had typical weather for this time of year, overcast and 90% humidity along with temps in the 60's the entire time.

Did see about the weirdest thing I've seen while out running. Three miles away from the nearest road or trail head I came around a corner to see 6 deer skulls lined up neatly across the top of a log, all adorned with miniature sombrero hats.

This was a good area to explore and noticed a whole series of trails in the area. This particular trail if you continued it hooked up with another trail that would take you all the way to the Potomac River 12 miles south. Despite being in one of the most populated areas in the country, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many trails were around. Looks like I will be going back 1-2 times a year now, so have something to keep my afternoons booked when my wife and daughter need shopping/bonding time for a couple of hours.

Option for post run beer are many and stopped in at the Dogfish Head Alehouse for a flight of beers afterwards.
See my pics on Instagram @tucsonexplorer

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