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Aug 31 2019

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 Seattle, WA
Wapta Falls TrailBritish Columbia, BC
British Columbia, BC
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seattlehikerTriplogs 356
Hiking2.61 Miles 327 AEG
Hiking2.61 Miles   1 Hour   13 Mns   2.27 mph
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This hike is only accessible from the eastbound side of Highway 1 in Yoho National Park. Given that it looked to be a rainy day, we opted to hit this short hike on our way to Twin Falls. There was a sprinkle or two as we made our way to the falls. Ran into a grouse along the way and he seemed oblivious to us for a long time. Thought he might walk with us to the falls. The falls were impressive and roaring. Not to be outdone, the skies then opened up and it poured the entire way back. It was the kind of rain that will let you know if any of your rain gear is not up to task. Of course once we reached the car, the rain pretty much quit! But hey, we're from Seattle so we're not supposed to complain about rain, right?
Jul 14 2019

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 Mesa, Az
Wapta Falls TrailBritish Columbia, BC
British Columbia, BC
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gmaclachlanTriplogs 40
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Hiking3.00 Miles
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A short hike off the Trans-Canada Highway at the west end of Yoho Park. Started in a drizzle and finished in rain. Thank goodness for frog-toggs.
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Jun 04 2019

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 Scottsdale, AZ
Banff & Yoho National Parks, AB 
Banff & Yoho National Parks, AB
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John9LTriplogs 1,640
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Hiking29.50 Miles
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I recently spent six days in Banff & Yoho National Parks. I have three separate triplogs for my moderate hikes. I’m using this triplog as a catch all for everything else. I had an amazing time and can’t wait to return.

I originally bought my airfare back in February and I paid $244 for a direct flight to Calgary on Westjet. The car rental came in at just under $200. I spent one night at an AirBnB in Canmore for $60 and then four nights in the HI Castle Mountain Wilderness Hostel for $115. That is a chunk of my expenses. I only ate out a few times and generally made my meals in the hostel.

Here is a day by day breakdown of my smaller hikes:

Quarry Lake near Canmore - June 4, 2019. 3 miles & 550 AEG
I flew up on Tuesday, June 4th and landed in early afternoon. I got my rental car and headed straight for Canmore where I had my AirBnB. The drive took about two hours and was easy to navigate. I got situated in my AirBnB and had time for a short hike. I found this on a top 10 hikes in Canmore and it worked. The views were nice and it was a good warmup. I grabbed Thai food afterwards and headed back to my AirBnB.

Tunnel Mountain – June 5, 2019. 2.75 miles & 850 AEG
I spent a majority of the day hiking around Lake Louise and came over here with a girl named Emilie I met near the Tea House. This is a nice hike on a well maintained trail and has some nice views of the town of Banff.

Silverton Falls – June 5, 2019. 1.5 miles & 300 AEG
I ended my evening by checking into the HI Castle Mountain Wilderness Hostel. After getting settled I walked right out of my hostel and crossed the road to the Rockbound Trailhead. Silverton Falls branches off this trail and is a relatively quick hike with a slight gain. I took my time and hiked on up to find a magnificent waterfall. I spent a few minutes admiring and then returned to the hostel and called it a night. It doesn’t get dark until 10:15pm!

Wapta Falls – June 6, 2019. 3.25 miles & 320 AEG
I started my second full day with a hike to Johnston Canyon and then headed into Yoho National Park that afternoon. I headed straight for Wapta Falls. I did a lot of research for this hike and knew there was a quality waterfall but couldn’t remember any details. You approach from the north and the turn off the highway is unsigned. I started hiking and flew down the well maintained trail. There were some sporadic people but not a lot as this was a forested hike. In a short time I could hear the waterfall and it came into view. You approach from above and it was absolutely spectacular! Wapta is just under 100ft high and 490ft wide. It’s quite a sight! The trail climbs down to the Kicking Horse River which has an impressive view. I spent some time here and soaked it in. After a few minutes I headed back to the car and did a drive by at Emerald Lake & then Natural Bridge.

Moraine Lake - June 6, 2019. .5 miles
After spending the afternoon in Yoho, I ended my day with Moraine Lake. The drive took me longer than expected as the road is chewed up a bit. There was plenty of parking in the evening and the view of the lake and mountains are just breathtaking. I did a short walk along the shore and took my pics and headed back to the hostel. This is a must stop.

Peyto Lake – June 7, 2019. 1.25 miles & 159 AEG
My third day started off with three inches of fresh snow with more snow in the forecast. I took my time and headed out around 9am with plans to head north up the 93 Hwy. A light snow fell as I drove up and I made the quick stop at Peyto Lake. I parked and walked up to the viewpoint and found the lake covered in a blanket of fog. I hung out and waited for the fog to clear and I’m glad I did. Peyto Lake is absolutely beautiful and the snow really added to the experience.

Mistaya Canyon – June 7, 2019. 1.75 miles & 300 AEG
After Peyto, I continued north up the 93 Hwy and stopped at the Saskatchewan Crossing where I had some lunch. The weather was starting to clear so I decided to stop at this trailhead I passed on my drive up. I had no idea what to expect. Mistaya Canyon is absolutely stunning! It’s a river that cuts a channel through bedrock and drains into the Howse River a couple of miles downstream. I considered hiking to the river but decided it wasn’t the best use of my time.

Waterfowls Lake – June 7, 2019. 3 miles & 445 AEG
This was a relatively short stop on my return south. I wanted to check out a couple of lakes called Chephren Lake and Cirque Lake but ultimately turned around because of snow & mud. I would end my day with Bow Glacier Falls. See separate triplog.

Boom Lake – June 8, 2019. 7.25 miles & 1,000 AEG
On my last day in Banff, I headed into Kootenay with a French guy whom was staying in the hostel with me. This was a nice hike. The trail is in good condition but was covered in snow & mud. We made a solid pace & tried our best to keep our feet dry. We arrived at Boom Lake and the mountains rise up surrounding the lake. We enjoyed the view and ate some lunch & then returned. The hike had some sporadic people but there were a lot on our hike out.

Castle Mountain Lookout – June 8, 2019. 5.25 miles & 1,800 AEG
My last hike of the day was near the Hostel and climbed up to a viewpoint overlooking the Icelands Parkway. This was a nice hike and took some effort but you were rewarded with solid views. I headed back to Hostel and then a few of us went into the town of Banff for beers at the brewery. I am flying back to Phoenix the next day.

This was a wonderful trip! I saw a lot and met so many people. I never felt alone and hope to return someday soon.
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