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Jun 29 2020

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Huckleberry Mtn and Peak 4872, ID 
Huckleberry Mtn and Peak 4872, ID
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After two days of bigger hikes for the kids, we needed an easier day today. The original plan was to hike Huckleberry Mtn and nearby Treasure Mtn, but when we reached Fernan Saddle, I saw that the road to Treasure was closed, leaving us just Huckleberry. Not a problem, we could tack on some additional easy walking on Huckleberry Mountain Rd.

This hike is just east of Coeur d’Alene, the drive is paved the entire way, and is very scenic. Plenty of room to park, but I think it’s more crowded on the weekends since it’s a popular area with the OHV folks.

We headed up the dirt road, enjoying the cooler temps. Easy walking on the road. At about 0.60 miles, we left the road and turned up the trail to Huckleberry. Steeper, but still not bad. The summit is vague and covered in trees. We stopped at a clearing probably about 30-50’ shy of the true summit, but it’s not worth stomping around the vegetation to stand maybe a foot or two higher than the clearing. The kids had a snack and we headed back down to the road.

At the road, we headed north, then jumped on another OHV trail that mostly paralleled the road. It was a good choice, as it was very pretty. Once it connected back to the road, we headed north to another random peak I spotted on the map a short distance from the road. Again, we were able to take an OHV trail part of the way up, then transitioned to a faint game/use trail the rest of the way to the summit. Some of the vegetation we pushed through was nearly as tall as the kids. There was some climbing over downed trees and avoiding very fresh elk evidence as we neared the summit of 4872. The summit has a small clearing, with some views through the trees. There’s some rocks and an old fire ring at the highest spot.

After the kids rested, we headed back down, exploring more of the OHV trail before rejoining the road and taking it back down to the trailhead. Temps in the 50’s-60’s is perfect summer weather as far as I’m concerned, so the last several hikes have been awesome.
If it’s above freezing, it’s too hot.
average hiking speed 1.75 mph

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