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Surprise & Amphitheater Lake fm LupineTH - 2 members in 2 triplogs have rated this an average 5 ( 1 to 5 best )
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Jul 19 2017

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Amphitheater LakeYellowstone, WY
Yellowstone, WY
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Hiking10.41 Miles
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I did this little hike to kill sometime while waiting for Chumley, John and Kyle to arrive for our backpack of the Crest Trail. This was my first hike in Grand Teton National Park and it left me very excited and a little anxious for our Crest Trail backpack.

The hike up is a bit of a grind, but the trail is in excellent condition and the grade stays pretty manageable. Surprise Lake was quaint, but scenic and pleasant, it alone would make a worthy destination for most. But Amphitheater Lake is certainly the real attraction. I got an early start, so I only had to share the lake with two other people. I really enjoyed the setting of the lake and the stunning scenery around it. I contemplated taking a known spur trail up and around the lake for some better views, but I was feeling a little beat as it was and I wanted to save some energy for the first day of our backpack, so I just walked along the lake, enjoyed its brilliant reflection and snapped pics with the trusty Iphone. The hike down was quick, as one might expect. However, there was about a ten minute delay to watch a small black bear go about its routine. I passed a lot of people hiking out, confirming the trail's reputation, as a popular one. Start early to beat the crowds.
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Aug 01 2009

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 Scottsdale, AZ
Surprise & Amphitheater Lake fm LupineTHYellowstone, WY
Yellowstone, WY
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A very scenic and strenuous hike to two(2) high-country, glacial lakes (Surprise @ 9520' / Amphitheater @ 9760') surrounded by meadows and grand high-country mountain views under the towering shadows of Grand Teton Peak at 13770', Mt. Owen at 13400', Disappointment Peak @ 11618', and snow-white Teton Glacier.

Please see my posted pic set/captions and posted GPS Route/notes for more hike details.
(Outside.. "there is No Place Like It!!")
average hiking speed 1.66 mph

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