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Jun 06 2022

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Gold Hill Trail #3 - ID Panhandle NFNorthern, ID
Northern, ID
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Perfect day for this one—temps in the 50s, and not too much sun. No one else in the parking lot when we started. Headed uphill on a nice trail with plenty of trees. Easy hiking. Limited views for the first three miles, but then we got some nice views of the lake, town, and mountains. Walking through the forest was quite pleasant.

Once we got up to the road at the top of the trail, we continued on the road further uphill. Eyeing the summit, we headed for the most logical ridge leading up to it. Fairly easy offtrail, but Wyatt was hating it. I suggested moving a little more to the left on the ridge to see if we could spot any sort of use trail, but Wyatt was insisting we turn around. Down we went, back to the road.

Instead of heading back down the road, we headed farther up the road, as I was pretty sure there was no way dirt bikers would have left this summit untouched—they’re pretty predicatable around here—and sure enough, we came across a path heading up. Wyatt wasn’t thrilled, but it was a clear path, nothing offtrail. As we headed up, the path veered west…right back to within about 50’ of where we had turned around. Had we moved to the left earlier like I wanted, we would have hit the path. I thought it was funny, Wyatt…did not.

Continuing up to the summit, the trail got a little steeper, then flattened out at the top. Tree free summit with great views all around. Wyatt had a snack while I wandered around, took pics, and scrutinized the amount of snow on the western edge of the Cabinet Mtns. One hike I have planned over there for this week may or may not be successful.

The hike back down was quite easy. Had I been alone, I would have jogged a good chunk of it, but Wyatt was not having any of that sort of nonsense. While we had seen nobody else during the ascent, we saw more than a dozen hikers on our descent. Most seemed to be somewhat lost and several asked me for directions or information. Also saw a snake, frog, and deer.
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Isolated
Flowers just starting, should be nice in a few weeks.
If it’s above freezing, it’s too hot.
average hiking speed 1.8 mph

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