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Sep 15 2022

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Goat Mountain Trail #135 - Cabinet MtnsNorthern, ID
Northern, ID
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I had seen Goat Mtn while hiking Scotchman Peak on Monday and it looked intriguing, so I bumped a hike I was less excited about in order to fit this one in this week. I knew it would climb about 4000' in less than 4.50 miles, had a rough track made, knew where it started, and that was about all the info I had...

Got started around 0800 and started heading uphill. Steep, tons of switchbacks, then steeper. Cool and foggy on the way up, so that was nice, but I was wishing it was even cooler. The vegetation got pretty thick for about a half mile, then thinned out as the trail started to level off a bit. The deadfall hung around though, then the trail got vague in places. Slow going, but still fun.

Once the summit was in view, it got a little better. Still not much of a trail, but less deadfall, and less trees in general, so the views were great. Lots of chunky talus near the top. You can walk over it or stay just on the north side of it. Had a snack break at the summit. Lots of clouds and fog obscuring some views, but still pretty good views overall. I wish I had booked more time up here to hit a few more of these peaks in the area.

The hike back down was somewhat easier to follow the "trail", then once finally past the worst of the vegetation, it was a steep two mile drop back to the trailhead. Definitely a little rough on the knees. The sun was out by that time, so it was slightly warm too. Today makes four days in a row up here without seeing any other hikers on the trail. I'm thinking tomorrow may have a couple other hikers on the trail since it'll be Friday and an easier hike.

Since my Salomons were still wet from yesterday's adventure, I wore those new Saucony trailrunners assuming the trail wouldn't be this bad. However, they did great and far exceeded my expectations. Will definitely pick up another pair of these soon. I'm not sure what the durability of these shoes will be, but for the price and confort, it really doesn't matter. Also, I noticed that despite the town of Clark Fork only having a handful of residents, they must all be cops and have to write enough tickets to cover their salary, because in the five times I drove thru town this week, there was one parked at the same spot all five times, and had someone pulled over four of those times.
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