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Apr 09 2009

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 Oro Valley, AZ
Chesser GulchAlpine, AZ
Alpine, AZ
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As part of my obsession with the Granville area, I felt the need to explore Chesser Gulch. The route of the canyon looked like it would lend itself perfectly to a loop hike using highway 191. This hike was not exciting, but it was eye pleasing. A cabin was about the last thing I expected to find. There certainly is a lot of history and places to explore in the "Sierra De La Petahaya", as this range was referred to on an 1880 map. It only took 9 months to finally write this one up after losing my gps route of the hike when my computer died last summer, but hey, Chesser is done. Finally. :wrt:
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This spring drains from a pipe along Highway 191, mostly making mud, but I have always seen some water. Plenty of cow poop around the spring area and pipe, f.y.i.
"As soon as I can I’m sneaking back in them mountains..." -Johnny Paycheck
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