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Jul 26 2018

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Great Island TrailSoutheast, MA
Southeast, MA
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Two miles west of downtown Wellfleet is the parking lot and trailhead for the Great Island Trail. Hiking with my son Ben, our plan for the day was to sample as many of the routes on the island that we could, while reaching my goal of getting to the southernmost tip, Jeremy Point.

I'd drawn up as many of the routes as I could find information on. (No where near as easy as HAZ). I took the trail down and out of the woods, opening up to great views of Wellfleet Bay. The area called "The Gut" comes into view. This narrow land mass connects Griffin Island to Great Island. Soft sand in spots, makes walking a bit arduous.

At Great Island we followed The Tavern Trail (and footprints) CW along the shoreline (missing the first turn up to higher ground). We saw the board showing info from the excavation in 1969-70 of the Samuel Smith Tavern (circa 1690-1740). We thought this was the site, but I later found out there is a foundation still visible, that we missed. Gotta go back I guess....

We followed The Tavern Trail to the Wellfleet Bay Overlook (my favorite spot) and then some use trails off Great Island, over to the Great Beach Hill area.

I'd planned to get up Great Beach hill, but we were on a schedule.

I'd read that Jeremy Point was only accessible during low tide. I'd say you just need to plan to be out there and back, when you are at least an hour either side of High Tide. From Great Beach Hill RT to Jeremy Point is a 2.6 miles. Just you, a narrow strip of land, Piping Plovers and a couple of inquisitive Grey Seals out there, less than 20' away, are all we saw. Great White Sharks and Sea Turtles are in the area, but we saw none.

We saw many Casts of Fiddler Crabs out there :next: [ youtube video ]

To save time, we hiked the beach on the bay side, most of the way back.

This was my favorite hike on the Cape so far and great to spend it with one of my sons.
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