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Jun 30 2017

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 Chandler, AZ
Poo Poo Point via Chirico TrailVolcano, WA
Volcano, WA
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Hiking3.60 Miles 1,750 AEG
Hiking3.60 Miles   3 Hrs      1.60 mph
1,750 ft AEG      45 Mns Break6 LBS Pack
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Loved this beautiful hike! Great change from AZ desert and canyon hikes. I did this with family, Brenda, Nancy, Gabe, Kathryn, Sonya, Mouse (Adam) and Paul, from the parking lot (Google Maps: Chirico Trail, Issaquah, WA 98027) to Poo Poo Point on daughter Brenda's birthday! Grandson Gabe was first up with sister Kathryn just behind followed by Mouse and me and then everyone else. Major wow for Sonya who claims to HATE hiking! I usually hike with Mouse on Sunday mornings when in AZ.

This very nice hike is an easy drive for business or pleasure visitors to the Seattle area. We left Seattle's Madison Park neighborhood at 8:30 am on a Thursday and arrived Chirico TH an hour hour later. I hiked in my $20 Fila sneakers. Mind you, it is 1,750 EC (virtually all up) in 1.8 miles so wear shoes you know will work for you BOTH up and down. Chirico TH parking lot is free, has 40+ spaces, 3 porta potties and a small dumpster. There is more parking (for a fee) on private land nearby. A large grassy landing area for Poo Poo Point paragliders is adjacent to the parking lot. We were there from ~ 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Saw paragliders backpacking their gear up during our hike and 4 soaring and/or landing when we returned to the cars. Temperature was in the 70s. Virtually all the hike is in shaded forest, steep and with rock "stairs" in many places. There is no water. There are two picnic tables, an automated weather reporting station and green carpet run-launch pads at Poo Poo Point. A large grassy area with good view of Mt. Rainier is reached about 1/4 mile before Poo Poo Point. And there's a cameo view of Rainier through a hole in the trees about 15 minutes below that grassy area. Squak and Cougar Mtns, Issaquah, Lake Sammamish, Bellevue, Lake Washington (maybe), and the Olympics are visible from Poo Poo Point if it is clear enough. Except the cities, it's sililar the Swiss Alps.

Poo Poo Point is a lesser peak (1,850'), a small knoll on a shoulder of West Tiger Mountain, in the Tiger Mountain National Forest. The folksy name is a reference to the steam whistle sounds heard throughout the Tigers in the early days of logging. The area around Poo Poo Point was clearcut and stumps removed by Weyerhaeuser in the 1970s. The result is a fine clear area now used as a launching pad by paragliders who backpack their gear up the Chirico Trail. Most land in the grass field adjacent to the TH parking lot.
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I think there would be far more a month earlier.
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Dec 07 2013

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 Seattle, WA
Poo Poo Point TrailVolcano, WA
Volcano, WA
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Hiking8.22 Miles 2,565 AEG
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Hiked from the Sunset Way TH to Poo Poo Point today. A couple of blow downs and a couple spots with some ice but all in all, the trail was in great condition. Very cold but sunny skies made good views at the top. A little windy at the top but it was cool to watch the paragliders take off. A slight dusting of snow at the top. Our thermometer didn't go above freezing the whole day -- water kept freezing in my camelbak's hose! First time on this trail but with it being so close to Seattle I'm sure we will be back.
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Poo Poo Point
Ice Icicle
average hiking speed 1.83 mph

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