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Ribbon - Upper Ribbon Falls, AZ 
Ribbon - Upper Ribbon Falls, AZ
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Staying at Phantom Ranch we wanted a good day hike and hadn't been too Upper Ribbon Falls before. Snow on the Rim overnight so everything above 5000 feet had a white layer. We headed up North Kaibab Trail through the Box on this fast stretch of trail. Arriving at the Ribbon Falls turnoff we followed Hansenaz route up to Upper Ribbon Falls. Thought it was more of a route but actually is pretty good trail all the way to Upper Ribbon Falls. Along the way there were great views down into Ribbon Falls and the snow cap from last nights storm. The upper falls is at the base of Red Wall and we also reached the snow line.

Took a break and enjoyed the falls which is not as large as the lower falls but cool in it's own right and gets lot less visitors. Then took our time heading back down the route to Ribbon Falls turnoff and decided to check out the lower falls out as well. After that we headed back to Phantom Ranch.
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