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May 19 2012

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 Far NE Phoenix,
AZT 42 & 43, AZ 
AZT 42 & 43, AZ
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AZT #42
This one starts 2.5 miles eastish of Jacobs Lake right at the intersection of 89a and FR205.

We had the largest group for any of the Arizona Trail Passages on hand today. Seven screwball hikers.

The Core Four, made up of Joe Denny, and Dave and myself.
Nick, who started started with us at AZT#1 back in August of 2010 and has done quite a few with us.
John who started in April of this year and who I thought might finish before us.
And Ben, who had helped Mike Armstrong (the blind AZT hiker) who needed the passages north of the Canyon.

You get a bit of elevation gain in the first 1.5 miles and then it's gently downhill for awhile.

Single track through more pines crossing Forest Roads every now and then. A perfect morning all around. You get a few views through the Forrest cover into Orderville canyon and then later on Summit Valley. 16.5 miles from the start you are at Old Arizona Road (FR6493).
This marks the end of AZT 42, and the old familiar metal Arizona sign, marks the final passage of the AZT, Buckskin Mountain - AZT #43.

I had low expectations for this passage. The one thing I've learned while hiking from Mexico to Utah, is that this great state does not disappoint. Every single passage, but maybe one, had at least one thing that made the entire hike worth it.

This one was the views to the east to Coyote Buttes once you got out of the larger scrub and started the drop down to the Border. Wow, the pictures I took don't even come close to doing it justice.

The Downside to this passage for me... there is nothing definitive to let you know you are done. Draw me a line or show me a Utah border sign.

The AZT....Done?

I entered this day with mixed emotions. Happy that I accomplished something I never even dreamed of doing, let alone completing, and at the same time, sad that its done. I've seen a lot of this state since starting. Places I never even dreamed of going. I've made some real good friends. What a great group of guys.

None of this could have happened without the help of all involved. There were some hairy shuttle set ups at weird hours, by people I didn't even know. I don't even want to begin to think how many miles we put on vehicles. Thanks to all that helped make this possible!

By my count:
43 - AZT Passages Completed
809.4 - AZT Miles Completed
853 - Total miles completed in hiking the AZT
130,925' - Accumulated Elevation Gain (AEG)

7/23/2010 - First Passage AZT #27 Highline
5/19/2012 - Last Passage AZT #43 Buckskin Mountain
666 Days - to complete from Start to finish
41 - Days of Hiking
352 Hours and 10 minutes - of Hiking
Big Sagebrush
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