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Jul 02 2012

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Picture Canyon - FlagstaffFlagstaff, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ
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Wendi found this hike and was part 3 of 3 adventures she had put together as a gift to celebrate my birthday. It took advantage of ASLD permit I got back in December. We spotted many of the petroglyphs after some searching in the canyon which is itself a little gem. Wendi was disappointed to have spotted a tiny baby coral(?) snake moving from one pencil sized hole into another. I of course was happy that she did. It was fun to watch the little stripes pass by until finally the tail passed by and into the hole. We never got see the head.
It was the end of a very full day and a lot of sun so decided to cut our trip here short to return another time when our perceptions won't be skewed by the heat stress and it's obligatory headaches. We were in shorts(zip-offs) today and the flora and evermore so the agave are pretty unfriendly in spots. Regretfully we didn't find the cave but I am happy to leave that for our next visit, perhaps in cooler temps when wearing long pants won't be a disadvantage.
The beginning of the hike may have change a tiny bit from the description provided on HAZ . The described signage stating "No unauthorized parking" is no longer there, or was misstated as "No motorized vehicles". There is also no south bound "dirt" road to follow but maybe currently paved. But the directions got us there and we just trusted our instincts to get us head east down a dirt path that brought us to ASLD signage and the Picture Canyon monument sign.
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