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Apr 25 2013

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Clear Creek Trail - GCNPNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
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Chums picked me up in Flag after I ate some thickcrusted pizza at NiMarcos. I know a guy who works there but this is the first time I've been here in a long time. I'm a thin crust kinda guy and Jeff didn't start working until after we got there so we got what we got. The bacon topping was awesome and forced me to hydrate and carbload.

Moving right along...I had no fixed itinerary for Thurs/Fri but was dreaming of waterthe whole time but settled for Emerald Island green which isn't a bad alt. After packing too much water and food, I headed down S.K. while Chums and Hippy yelled at me that I was making them late for dinner. I love full moon hikes and this one was good. I spent about 3 hours on the Kaibob and soaked in the sounds of well nothing until I got to ooh ahh and heard rocks falling....deer in the flashlight and he was mesmerized with my orange shirt or maybe the fact I was shining a light at him. I saw one person coming up S.K.

I cached water at the 3.5 mile mark :x ...details later. I chilled by the water spiket and had a snack and absorbed the increased heat and humitity. I didn't see another awake soul until I got to Clear Creek. The climb up Clear Creek was enjoyable and when I realized Thursday had become Friday I decided to lay down on a rock and watch the stars and sats for about an hour and a half. I put some music on and just chilled as the temps had dropped a bit. About 20 minutes later, I saw a camp. Earlier I had seen there headlamps from high up on S.K. Clear Creek is typical Tonto hiking but by moonlight its awesome. Got to the campground and talked to some climbers who were doing Dunn and maybe Thor. Next headed up canyon to Obo and when the bugs started bugin me I turned around. The way back I ran into several groups and a ranger checkin permits but he knew I wasn't backpacking. But others told me he checked them.

Refilled at the restrooms and headed up S.K. In the tunnel, I chatted with a Ranger for about a half hour. Not that I was trying to avoid the heat or anything, he would be working on the rockhouse. There were various people in various moods but most were excited. As I neared my cache, I moved off trail to allow Max Morris to come down a long switchback. DUDE seems like a cool/humble/hardcore kinda guy and at that point was in 2nd place. He won the 2011 AZT bike race.

My cache of frozen water was taken and I was :( . I had plenty of water but was looking forward to refreshingly frozen water. Finished up the hike and talked to a couple of Islenos who I most likely share some MtDna with. We exchanged contact info and have already made some tentative plans. People from tiny islands share a special bond even though my Moms family left there two generations ago....Small world... I you read this far, you are a better person then me or you are goldbricking. :)
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Named place
Pipe Creek
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