Posting Help & Tips
post top to bottom, any to all
  • Description - only if not listed
    • page authored by a member describing a hike for others
    • example
    • best described as one-way, triplogs can link multiple trails in one hike
    • Only 1 page per hike. Multiple routes, triplogs & photosets post to description.
  • GPS Route
    • electronic recorded route of a hike
    • example
    • date, linked descriptions & stats will auto transfer to triplog if posted before triplog
  • Triplog
    • journal of a hike
    • example
    • GPS Routes & Photosets with matching name & date automatically sync
  • Photoset
    • group of photos from a hike
    • example notice the triplog auto attached below thumbnails
    • recommended as the final post

Naming Scheme for GPS Routes & Triplogs
  • Follows a description on site ie: Peralta Trail #102
    • use description name
  • Follows multiple descriptions ie: Peralta Cave Loop

there is no wrong way... the above makes it easier for you & more useful for others
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