hide one week
Helpful when posting backlogged data, a routine workout, neighborhood walks, etc.

When checked it will be less public for a week. Members that "follow" you may see your posts.

This feature may be changed in edit. Utilize FAQ for specifics to editing triplogs and editing photos.

Multiple triplogs to the same destination in three days with minimal to no journal are automatically considered a workout. These triplogs are very welcome. On the same token they are recommended hidden to the public for a week. You may at your own discretion override the setting as you please.

For site integrity, admin may at their discretion hide triplogs for a week. Typically when the following occur:
  • no journal
  • journal is not beneficial to others searching for a hike
  • journal appears to be an inside joke or such
  • journal is a lobby for attention
  • workout, not outdoor related

auto enabled
off site linking auto enables Hide 1 Week
youtube links to your video(s) are fine as video is not offered on HAZ
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