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Title: Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America
Author: Year: 2010
Publisher: Firefly Books
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This is a paperback version of the well-received 2005 hardcover book of the same name. The 2005 publication was previously published as Mushrooms of North America (Little, Brown, 1991). Although this does not detract from the wealth of useful information contained here, it alerts the many libraries holding the earlier versions. Author Phillips is widely respected for his many fungi and horticultural books. He is able to engage the assistance of many experts, thereby increasing the value to users. The introduction includes information on mushroom poisoning and handling of mushrooms and generic beginner’s keys with and without sample photographs. Mycological terminology is very specialized, so the glossary is most welcome to novice and expert users. The descriptions of each species include geographic range and fruiting season and a statement of poison danger or a comment on edibility. There are two important differences in the new version. One is the absence of a bibliography. The other is that the quality of the photographs is not as good as in the 2005 hardcover. An advantage of the paperback for mycologists and amateur fungi enthusiasts is its portability in a mushroom searcher’s pocket, bag, or collection basket. If an earlier version of the guide is not in a library’s collection, this one should be. --Linda Scarth

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