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Shiva Temple, AZ

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    Shiva Temple
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    Spending over a half hour staring across the Grand Canyon from Shoshone Point last weekend really had me pining for something in the Canyon all last week. I had my heart set on a summit, but with the warmer temps, my options were limited. I thought about the long, hard to pronounce H word one from South Bass, I thought about a Coronado repeat, or maybe even a sinking ship, however, nothing really piqued my interests. Then after reading a couple triplogs from the North Rim, the idea of Shiva popped into my head. The summit to Shiva had already been blazed by the usual suspects, so I sent out a PM to @Dave1 and @sbkelley to gather some beta. I decided it was the summit for me and made the short drive up Friday night, for what would be my first trip to the North Rim by vehicle.

    The morning went pretty smooth, as the few miles I hiked of Tiyo were pleasant and other than the fact that apparently I am incapable of walking a straight line, I was at what I would call the jumping off point (actually jumping off from here not recommended) for Shiva, after only a couple hours of hiking. The first part was a little slow going, as I made the traverse along the ridgeline via a series of brushy cattle trails to the point where you make the steep descent to Shiva's Saddle. I never thought I would be writing about cattle trails and a G.C. summit in the same breath!

    From the saddle, I identified and then made the steep, loose climb up Shiva's predominant northwest ridge to the first traverse and class four climb. I could not find the climb at first and probably spent 15 minutes walking back and forth wondering how I could have missed it and where it was. Turns out, I simply did not backtrack far enough and am embarrassed to say I just simply missed the pretty well-cairned route. After finding the climb, I was back in my element and shot right up it, with only a few instance of losing the route and a couple of backtracks. After the climb and a little ridgeline hiking, it was on to the steep traverse and the final steep ascent up through a series of shelves in the kaibab. This is a nasty little traverse by the way and its compounded by deadfall, loose rock, loose soil and a steep slope. However, it does mark the final obstacle and after only a short time, I was finally staring at Shiva's jugs. I signed the register and then made a beeline to the south to check out some of the views, as suggested by @sbkelley. Great views to the south, great views to the north and overall a cool little area up there, as Shiva's summit has the feel of a forested island in the middle of the desert.

    From the summit, it was the same route back. There were a few instances where I had to double check the G.P.S to locate some of the down-climbs, but overall it went pretty smooth and I was naturally a little more efficient in my route selection. Once I hit the rim, I really took my time and just enjoyed the pleasant stroll through the pines back to the TH.

    Final Notes

    Although not the hardest summit in the canyon, this one was no gimmie. The route is rugged and it's the most "bushwhacking" I have done in my short canyon career. Likewise, the route really beat me up, as I came away dirty, scratched, thirsty and a little bruised. Speaking of thirsty, I consumed 5.5 liters of water, 28 ounces of Gatorade and a 12 oz Kickstart energy drink on this hike/climb! If doing this hike in the warmer months, caching water along the way is a must. I cached my water on Shiva's saddle, in order to insure I had something for the final climb up to the north rim. In regards to the North Rim, it was a great first trip for me. I loved the scenery, lack of people and smaller ranger presence. Probably not in terms of trails, but in terms of everything else, the North Rim may be the best the canyon has to offer in my opinion. I found the drive almost equally as impressive and stopped several times to take pictures along the section to Lee's Ferry. Another amazing summit in the canyon and a big thanks to @Dave1 and @sbkelley for helping make it happen.
    Shiva Temple
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    I've had my eye on this one for a while. Made 2 sort-of attempts prior but didn't make it far. Once from Phantom Creek and another from Widforss Trail. On both I ran out of time and energy to make any serious progress. Ready for a third go at it although July is probably not the best time to do it but I was starting to get itchy.

    From HW67 on the North Rim, I turned off onto Point Sublime Road (also the road to get to Widforss Trailhead) and followed that about 4 miles to Tiyo Point Road. As I discovered, Tiyo Road is now Tiyo Trail and is closed to vehicles so I backed up and found a spot to park about 1 mile away. I walked Tiyo Point Trail about 3 miles from the gate to the turn off for Shiva Point Trail. The intersection is marked with 2 metal tags nailed to a tree. Tiyo is an old road so it is easy to follow (except it is quickly being reclaimed by the forest with lots of new trees and downfall) but Shiva Road exists only for a couple hundred yards and then completely disappears. From here a compass or GPS is necessary, IMO, to continue as you're just walking through the trees with no view of the rim until you're almost there, 2 1/2 miles later.

    From Shiva Point, the trail down to the saddle is well marked with cairns. This is also an exit for one of George Steck's routes so I think it gets lots of use. There's also many cattle or bison trails leading down.

    On the saddle I was surprised to find a large rock holding a pocket of water on such a hot day! This probably explains the cow trails. After crossing the saddle I found the route up to the Temple pretty straight forward using the description from Grand Canyon Summits Select. There are a couple of class 4 climbs through the Coconino and then lots of scrambling to the Kaibab break. Most of the route is cairned. This section beat me up good but most of the climbs are pretty easy.

    On the mostly flat and tree covered summit I quickly found the two 5-gallon metal milk jugs on the high point. I opened the one containing the register and was greeted by a nice little hornets nest under construction! No way I was leaving without signing in so I reached in and yanked out the register as fast as I could and then sprinted about 100 yards away. The log dates back to 2001 with about 2-3 trips per year, mine being the first for '13. After gently replacing the register I heard the sounds of an approaching thunder storm. Dam! No time to explore the top, had to get down and beat the lightning. I made it down to saddle just as the rain started. Put on my $1.50 emergency poncho and found a low spot to wait out the storm and hide from the lightning. The storm passed after about 20 minutes and the sky was blue again but now it was hot and humid. I returned back to Shiva Point mostly the same way and back across the Kaibab forest to my truck without any more issues. Didn't see any people all day.

    On the way home I stopped at the BCO and picked up 2 permits. North Bass in September and South Canyon in October :y: .

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