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Sinking Ship, AZ

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4.7 of 5 by 3
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Difficulty 1 of 5
Distance One Way 1.35 miles
Trailhead Elevation 7,024 feet
Elevation Gain -438 feet
Accumulated Gain 234 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 2.13
Interest Off Trail Hiking & Peak
Dogs not allowed
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Location TrailDEX, HAZ
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    Sinking Ship
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    Rambling, random thoughts:
    A close approach, but not necessarily a gimmie summit.
    -Loose scree with consequences, fryable rock higher up, and some good ol' Canyon exposure traverses. I LOVE it!-
    We decided to park about .4 miles before (west) Buggeln Picnic area in order to stay out of the drainage. Heading too directly to the rim, we traversed the edge to the east and could see the ridge that we needed to hit pretty quickly. There was snow on the ground so we just kinda picked the best meandering path down until hitting the blocky boulders that line the ridge. Some fun up, over, around, through, led very quickly to the base of the South summit where we explored the east side a bit before the scramble up. We just kinda let ourselves be led up the most obvious path with very few turn backs and found a couple of the scrambles to be exposed but no big deals. We found ourselves more on the East side of the blocks but found a break (after a really cool window!) and were able to traverse over to the West side where the key chimney is found. Then the loose scree to the giant chockstone was in front of us. The way up actually felt fine and with a few good high reaches and pulls, we were up that part that I thought was to be the crux. Shortly after that, we were on the summi...oh wait, this is actually a Falsie!! Time to drop down a bit and head over to the actual summit. A scramble to the left, under a super pointy boulder, found us at a choice of either an exposed stem gem move lookers left, or some 4th class bulge wrestling with a HUGE loose broken boulder on lookers right. I was very tempted to knock that bad boy off, but it was really the easiest way to get tread lightly on that temporary step up! After that, it was a fast last push to the summit and the Altoids register. The way down proved to be a bit harder on each section than the way up. :scared: Watch that scree slope spot! Great little adventure, really nice views of other buttes and summits, and some fun limestone monkey time!
    Sinking Ship
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    A day out on the ship with Jamie, Chris Atwood, Velisha and Josh Nelson.
    First time up for Chris and Josh and Vel's very first GC summit!

    Very windy as usual.
    Chossy climbs as always.
    Lots of obvious erosion from the summer rains too!

    Summit beers and photo ops.
    Great hike with awesome friends.
    Sinking Ship
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    A misadventure usually includes the following:

    Quickly setting sun
    Exposed climbs
    Losing the trail
    Losing the trail in the dark
    Wild animal encounter.

    Add 30mph wind to our exposed climbs at sunset and change wild animal to mountain lion and change losing the trail in the dark to simply being entirely turned around in the dark after running into and luckily chasing off said mountain lion....

    Yes, this was a misadventure of epic proportions.

    On the bright side I think I found Hance Cabin!!! I'll go find it again next week.

    And on an even brighter side...sinking ship is AWESOME! Scree sloping route through prickly trees and hidden cacti, a boulder hopping playground, did I mention awesome up climbs with bits of exposure??
    Love it love it love it!!!

    Not for the weak kneed or faint of heart!! :D

    Kitty details:
    so the route to sinking ship starts from Buggeln picnic area you head NW down into a ravine then up and out onto the rim....meh, so on our trek back I had this gut sinking feeling and refused to go into the ravine, so I checked my map and decided we could cut across closer to the we headed due north into the thickest jumble of trees in that area...
    As we were heading up hill, I was in the lead and saw something sparkle about 10 feet ahead in my flashlight, just after we passed it we heard the trees rustle to our left just behind us, we whirled around and our first reaction was to shout and charge it.
    In that split second before we raised our hands and shouted at the seemingly harmless trees we saw it, a long, low to the ground tawny, dusty body, quick as lightning and more scared of us then we were of it.
    I glimpsed it's face, a most beautiful, strong, feline face quickly followed by a long thick tail. Then it was gone and the rest of our night we were on edge, we ran our voices hoarse by shouting every few seconds and randomly kicking stumps or tossing sticks to "keep the lions at bay" :lol:

    My hiking buddy seemed a bit more frightened than need be but seemed to relax when I whipped out my flare :D and I explained that we need to stay in open meadows where we can see everything and keep our backs together and, oddly enough, follow the crickets. (Crickets will stop chirping no matter who or what steps near them so if they're chirping ahead of you there shouldn't be any large critters near it :D)
    Then I realized we were waaay "off course", I whipped out yee ol' map and we found our way to a ravine which actually turned out to be Hance Creek (yea, don't know how we managed that!!!) I turned around and followed it up almost directly to the road. ((Now that I think about it we weren't nearly as lost as it seemed, yay map skills!!))

    I had managed to send a text off to my ranger friend so at least I had a back up, one of his texts got through that if he didn't hear from me within an hour he'd call dispatch and have someone sent out for me.
    Luckily I am pretty good with my map or it could've gotten bad quick :scared:

    As soon as we reached the Suby we hopped in locked her up and bolted back to the village at a responsible speed of course and I had two people call me almost immediately.
    Ranger Robb was quick to inform me that the Hance and Buggeln area is the ultimate Mountain Lion corridor.
    It is nne of the easiest and most common places for the big cats to exit the canyon and or leave the Rim. Their tracks are abundant and the local lion biologists have counted a total of 4 different animals in that area in the past MONTH!!!! (I only know that last part because I just finished speaking with our local Lion Biologist about this encounter.)
    Sinking Ship
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    On a whim, I decided to go check out Sinking Ship and the Indian Ruins. I parked at Buggeln picnic area east of Grandview at GCNP and hiked northwest. Once at the rim, was treated with great views between SS and Coronado Buttes...

    On faint game-trails, I traversed and plucked my way westward, along nasty overgrowth to the saddle of SS. Highly recommend long pants and sleeves in this area...I was an itchy, scratched up mess by the time I got back to my vehicle.

    I initially wanted to climb the Ship (Class IV); being solo, prudence and better judgment got the better of me. I did find the large metate (near the south end) and the ruins and grainery (near the north-east) end. (I have GPS waypoints if interested).

    I look forward to going back and climbing it someday soon...

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