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Pineknot Trail - 1E01, CA

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Distance One Way 3.6 miles
Trailhead Elevation 6,871 feet
Elevation Gain 851 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,151 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 7.44
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19  2015-08-05
Town Bristlecone Fern Pirate Skyline Pine Knot
38  2015-08-03
Castle Rock - Plantation - Skyline - Pine Knot
14  2015-08-02
Pine Knot Trail to Grand View Point
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A sweet single track that winds through the forests above Big Bear. Views are limited to the nearby trees on the lower portions of the trail, but open up as you reach the ridgeline and Grandview point. Great hike or bike. For an easier biking effort, ride the FS roads up or take the Sky Chair and bomb down.
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The Pineknot Trail begins at the Aspen Glen Picnic Area and climbs south until it reaches the aptly named Grand View Point, altitude 7,784 feet. For the first 1 ½ miles the hiker shares the trail with equestrian and mountain bike traffic, while they wind their way up through stands of white fir and Jeffrey pine. Serious hikers make the 6 mile round trip in 3 hours of less, while a family who plans to picnic at Grand View Point should plan on spending half the day to leisurely enjoy the forest, the mountains and a great view of Big Bear Lake.

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot

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    Pineknot Trail - 1E01
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Town Bristlecone Fern Pirate Skyline Pine Knot
    Towne Trail 1E29
    This is an old closed off forest road that is extremely smooth. It's nice except the far East end. You follow above cabins until you find yourself sandwicked between apartments and the ski resort.

    Bristlecone Trail 1E32
    Connector trail to the neighborhood.

    Fern Trail 1E31
    Not signed at the bottom hence why I hiked Bristlecone. A nice shaded ravine with namesake ferns. Just over too soon.

    Pirates Trail 1E29
    Stumbled upon this trail so I worked it in. This is a wonderful trail through the forest. The mountain bikes wized by faster here than other lateral trails. It's definitely built for speed.

    Skyline Trail 1E32
    The amount of work put into this trail is obvious as you roll through the forest at highway speeds. On a tight schedule of opportunity I tapped into my inner Boone. I'm not built for running but I intimidated my surroundings for thee miles.

    Pine Knot Trail 1E01
    My third trip on this popular trail. From the top I knew I needed to shave off a half hour from my standard pace. A mountain biker passed me and it was game on. Clocked my first and last 9 minute mile of my life. Downhill on a smooth trail and I'm still nowhere near an average runner... lol

    Home with ten minutes to spare!
    Pineknot Trail - 1E01
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Castle Rock - Plantation - Skyline - Pine Knot
    Castle Rock Trail 1W03
    Steep start through nice creek, albeit dry now. Quick lake view. Huge pines. 600 ft ascent to full lake view!

    Plantation Trail 1W12
    One of those trails with an uninviting name that turns out nicer than anticipated. Decent shade midday.

    Skyline Trail 1E01
    A bit confusing at the top of Castle Creek. Higher up after Plantation it's easier to decipher. This is a constant zig zag along the ridge. Tree shade is typically sparce. Some nice areas. Built for mountain bikers. It must have been a lot of work as it is well done too!

    Yeast smell yesterday and today. Must be some of the chaparral.

    Seven Oaks Trail 0E01
    Looks most used by downhill mountain bikers. Not new millennium friendly. A continuous slide of semi steep surface gravel. The oaks are not what most desire, rather the live oak / blue oak variety. The bottom has larger oaks and large pine cones. Hot gnatty hell. Doubt anyone hikes here from Big Bear Lake, especially in August. Nevertheless I liked the change of pace with foliage similar to Arizona'state southern Bradshaw range. Euphoria drive kicked in ascending back to Big Bear.

    Pine Knot Trail 1E01
    Only half as busy as Sunday. Amazing how much cooler it is just over the rim back into Big Bear valley.
    Pineknot Trail - 1E01
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Pine Knot Trail to Grand View Point
    This hike up to Grand Point View seemed pretty sweet. Nice lazy switchbacks novice mountain bikers to strong runners seemed to enjoy. Absolute perfect weather mid afternoon. Lots of shade. Maybe three notable lake views. Multi use trail was in full swing. Slow hikers, solo mountain bikers, groups, young groups, runners, famlies big and small. I think I was the upper age limit too.

    Sunday was a lot less packed than Saturday at the lake. Yesterday the west end of the lake looked like a movie scene. Wish I would have snapped a photo. Several hundred boats on the lake looked like gridlock.

    Pine Knot was much better than anticipated. A route I found online from a few years ago was nowhere near the current layout. All the signage appeared new. Looks like the FS got serious about creating a nice network of trails for the south shore.

    Large easy to understand maps. Impressed with the material. Corragated like cardboard but soft plastic. Shoot it, doesn't shatter. Cheap enough to replace if needed, bet they have backups too.

    While not jaw dropping, Grand View Point is a nice destination.

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