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Grandview Trail - CNP, UT

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Canyonlands National Park
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Island in the Sky Canyonlands
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Corona Arch
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Overview: Grand View Point is the southern most point of Canyonlands National Park's Island in the Sky. To get to the actual tip of the point requires a short and easy walk. The Grand View Overlook at the parking lot will give you a pretty impressive and satisfying view, but if you have time the short walk out to the end of the point is definitely worthwhile.

Hike: The trail is mostly flat with a few small ups and downs, but no steep or substantial changes in elevation. It's kind of rough with some uneven sections of slickrock interdispersed with sandy flat spots and manmade rock steps. NPS has dropped in some large cairns to help in staying on the route. The trail follows the rim the entire way out to the tip. Expansive views are to the east and south. Directly below are the spires of Monument Basin cut into Canyonlands' signature White Rim Sandstone, with the gorge of the Colorado River just beyond. South of the Colorado, the Needles District of Canyonlands is visible far off in the valley. At the end of valley, cliffs of Wingate Sandstone can be seen on the footsteps of the Abajo Mountains and its 11,000 foot peaks. To the east, the rim of Island in the Sky leads the eye toward the La Sal Mountains and its 12,000 foot peaks that dominate the eastern skyline. The plateau country below the La Sals is filled with the maze of canyons and sandstone fins that dominate the landscape south of Moab.

When you reach the tip of the point, a slickrock outcrop forms the very end, which is pretty easy to climb on top of. Views to the southwest are partially obscured by a massive hunk of rock called Junction Butte. However, impressive views to the west open up. You can explore to the west of the point to take in these views as well. Far below is another series of distinctive White Rim canyons that surround the gorge of the Green River. Dominating the western skyline are the massive Orange Cliffs, with the elongated profile of the Henry Mountains on the far horizon. Glimpses further south are the Maze District of Canyonlands. Enjoy the world class views!

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2010-11-10 hippiepunkpirate
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    Needles District - 1
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    Needles District - 2
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Grandview Trail - CNP
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Canyonlands - Island in the Sky District
Claire and I had half a day to do some exploring in the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands. We made the drive in from Moab on a cloudy day and stopped at the visitor center. From there we headed over to Upheaval Dome and headed out to the two lookouts. It is a very cool geological feature. After that we stopped at some viewpoints as we worked our way south heading for Grandview Point. We made the easy one mile hike to the point and were in awe of Canyonlands. There is so much to explore in The Maze & Needles Districts. I wanted to see more! We returned to the jeep and had some lunch at the Buck Canyon overlook and then stopped by the iconic Mesa Arch. It was really cool seeing in person. Several people were around but it wasn't crowded. We got our pics and then headed back to Moab. We're planning on camping in Gooseneck State Park to break up the drive back to Phoenix. This was a nice day in Canyonlands but left me wanting more. A trip to Needles District is on the radar for later this year.
Grandview Trail - CNP
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This is part of our Mighty Five Trip 2016. We did 5 parks in 5 days in Utah.

Day 4: Canyonlands National Park. Our next stop in Canyonlands was Grandview rim trail. This was a good one. a pretty easy going hike along the slick rock on the rim of the canyon. At a certain point the trail crosses over the "island" and you are now walking on the other side rim. You get great views all around. It also makes me want to plan a white rim overnight trip at some point.

Video: ... 1wK0
Grandview Trail - CNP
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Canyonlands National Park
After Arches, I had some time to kill so I made a quick visit to the "Island in the Sky" district of Canyonlands before continuing up north.

Mesa Arch was very cool. Through the arch you can get some sweet views of the canyons and La Sals (which where unfortunately in the clouds most of the day). A short, crowded hike, but it's worth it!

Grandview Trail is a fun rim walk with great views of the canyons which stretch for miles. It's probably the closest thing I've seen to standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon with out actually visiting the Grand Canyon.

I hope to come back soon to give Canyonlands a proper visit by backpacking in the Needles or Maze districts.
Grandview Trail - CNP
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April 30th hikes
The Delicate Arch viewpoints were closed. Interesting hike up and over a huge hill of slick rock, around a small ledge trail. But it is sure worth it. Beautiful views all around for the entire trip and the destination.

Mesa Arch is short but nice.

Grandview Trail has great views it's full length of 1 mile on the edge of the rim.
Grandview Trail - CNP
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Island in the Sky Canyonlands
spent thursday at island in the sky district
planned for an easier day doing the shorter hikes and overlook trails
mesa arch:
short loop to a classic arch
great views east through the arch
whale rock:
short ascent to a high hump that looks kinda like a whale
good views of interesting terrain
upheaval dome overlook:
a decent hike with some ups and downs on a fun trail
went to the second overlook that had good views into the crater
hit the first overlook on the way back, but the second one was better and made for a more interesting hike
had lunch at green river overlook
grandview trail:
followed a long neck of land between two drop-offs to the east and west
best views of the day on both sides with some rocks to climb up on at the end
could have added a couple more little things, but with a big hike friday, we just hit a few more overlooks and headed back to moab
got a cuppa coffee for the drive to monticello
spent thursday and friday nights at the monticello inn
monticello = twilight zone
had dinner at the peace tree juice café
limited menu but pretty good food
a fun, relaxing day with a decent overview of island in the sky
Grandview Trail - CNP
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This was a very fun and picturesque hike out to a nice view point at the westernmost end of the Islands in the Sky area of Canyonlands NP. Glimpses of both the Green and Colorado Rivers approaching their confluence from the sides of the peninsula this trail follows. We missed the Ranger talk at the trailhead, but who needs talking when you can be walking? One day I want to come back and drive the White Rim Road, 100 miles of 4x4 driving around the edges of the Park. The road was so evident below us and kept taunting me. One day, some day.
Grandview Trail - CNP
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Arches - Canyonlands Trip November 2010
Day 2 - Corona Arch / Island in the Sky

Day 1 - Delicate Arch
Day 3 - Windows / Needles District

After a long first day on less than optimal rest, sunrise on Day 2 was scratched in favor of some extra sleep. Because of the late start, we opted for a gas station breakfast before heading out the Potash Road. Potash Road follows the Colorado River downstream from Moab. The Navajo Sandstone cliffs along the roadside are sheer and mighty impressive, especially with the numerous climbing groups attacking the rock from the shoulder of the road! Janelle needs to add this place to her to-do list. We made the drive down the the Potash industrial site before doubling back and starting our hike up to Corona Arch.

The hike up to Corona Arch was darn sweet. It's hard to beat a good dose of Navajo Sandstone slickrock, and of course the Arch is absolutely amazing. Definitely conjures up similarities to Rainbow Bridge, and made me itch to get out to Corona's bigger sibling. I wrote up a pretty detailed hike description for Corona already, so I won't get too in depth about it here.

Perhaps the highlight of the Corona Arch was Louie, the fearless Jack Russell Terrier. As my Dad and I approached the rock stairset, a couple families family were coming down with two dogs in tow. Evidently one of the dogs was hitching a ride. The woman looked down at the Jack Russell Terrier and said, "That's not our dog? He was with that other family. What was his name?" Someone else piped in, "Louie!" They asked us if we would take him up to his owners. We whistled and called his name but he was too busy enjoying the scenery to pay much attention. One of the ladies had to pick him up and put him on the rock staircase, then he got the idea and followed happily. He was just so happy to be out on the slickrock, it was hard not to crack a huge grin. I would definitely take Louie home with me. A minute or two later we were at the metal ladder next to a steep slickrock bank. My dad said, "How are we gonna do this, Louie?" Without hesitation, Louie ran right up the slickrock bank. We said, "Okay then," and headed up the ladder. We crested the next bank and a little girl cried out, "There's Louie!" Evidently he had been missed by his family. And evidently he is quite the explorer, because not two moments later, Louie was off wandering down the slickrock in search of smells and adventure. Over the lip of another steep slickrock bank he went, his "owner" calling, "Come on Louie!" Louie scrambled back up the bank with ease. That low center of gravity must help.

In addition to the adventures of Louie, this hike was quite busy, but had a nice festive atmosphere. There were a number of kids, and they were all having a good ol' time playing on the slickrock. Times were lively under the arch as people took pictures and relaxing in the shade. My dad and I walked past the arch and enjoyed the scene from a far on the north side of Corona before heading back. We had a wonderful experience out at Corona, including the hike, the scenery and the activity. I would recommend this hike any day of the week.

After Corona Arch, we made the drive up to the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park. After contemplating a return to Arches for sunset, we decided to remain up on the Island for the remainder of the afternoon and catch the sunset up there. After a stop at the visitor's center, we stopped briefly at Canyonlands' version of the La Sal Mountains Overlook. Not as good as the Arches version, but does have a neat angle on the Behind the Rocks upwarp of fins near Moab. Continued on for another brief stop at the Shafer Trail Overlook. Next was the Green River Overlook, perhaps the most classic viewpoint on Island in the Sky. We stopped momentarily to scout the scene for the sunset before heading down to Grand View.

At the Grand View Overlook, we did the short hike out to the official Grand View Point. Just an easy mile each way, it was quite a pleasant hike with great views. I wrote up a hike description for it, so I'll skip the details. Returned to the Green River Overlook to wait for the sunset. My dad plopped a lawn chair down to the right of the viewpoint, and I started exploring up and down rim looking for compositions. Ended up at a hunk of slickrock at the viewpoint for a while, and conversed with another photographer who had seen me at Delicate Arch the previous evening. The clouds overwhelmed the western sky, so the sunset never really took off, but being at the signature Canyonlands viewpoint was majestic just the same, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Headed back down the hill to Moab in the dark, nabbed supplies for the morning at the Shell and a drive-thru dinner at Burger King before settling back into the motel room for the night.

Permit $$

Canyonlands National Park
Vehicles: $10 (Good for 7 days)

Map Drive
Paved - Car Okay

To hike
From Moab drive north on US 191 to the junction with highway 313. Turn left on 313 and drive past the turnoff for Dead Horse Point State Park into Canyonlands National Park. Pay the fee and continue straight on the road past the junction for Upheaval Dome out to the parking area at the end of the road.
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